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Vaastu Tips For Pooja Home.

Pooja or worship house in any house or office is an important and sacred corner. It is a place of meditation and peace. Pooja room situated in any part of the house is considered good, but if it is located according to Vastu, then this room increases the energy consumed by the devotees. Following the Vaastu Tips for the Pooja Room, you can increase the positive energy in the entire environment of the house. Ideally, the northeast corner which is called Ishaan Kona is the best area to build a room of worship. It is said that when the Vaastu Purush was lying on the ground, his head was in the north-east direction. From this direction, the sun's rays purify the atmosphere and inspire us for the whole day. However, due to the construction of the house and direction of the home owner's birth date, this direction may vary. But there is no need to worry because Vaastu has the remedy for all the defects in the worship room.


  • Can the room of worship be located in front of the main entrance? According to Vaastu, there should not be a room of worship before the main entrance, because it reduces the positivity created in the room of the worship.
  • The room of the worship should not be dark. The room of worship in your house is God's house and it should never be dark. Having a dark room in the worship room has an effect on the health of the whole house, therefore, at least in this room, it is necessary to have a lamp of oil.
  • Do not place the room of the pooja in the sleeping room because the bedroom has a room of comfort and tranquility. Toilets should not be located on the top or opposite of the room of worship. By this, negative energy of the toilet spoil the pleasant atmosphere of the worship room.
Business Vastu Tips

Success in business is not only the purpose of the boss, the administration and the beneficiaries, but also the staff and other people associated with them. It gives them the confidence of professional development. In today's deadly competitive era, every company tries to differentiate itself from others. Vastu is not very important for business, but it is one component that sets your business apart from your competitors. By following Vaastu Tips for Business, you will be witness to more positive feedback from your clients and customers, better sales of products, more organized office and most importantly fully dedicated and staffed with your best competence. Minor changes in existing offices can bring huge changes in your business. These changes can be as simple as changing the arrangement of staff seating.


Are you facing losses in your business and do not understand why this is happening? According to Vastu, if there is a continuous loss in your business, the house location of the house has been blocked by 66 percent. The industry location is the place in your home that determines business success. Only famous architectural experts can help to overcome this flaw.
Is there any specific direction that the business faces to do? If the person faces his first good direction while doing business then he can get good results in business.
Similarly, sitting in the first good direction in your office and workplace can help in increasing business



Vastu is a science in which the overall health of the human race is improved using the positive energy of structures and premises, and there is no place other then its own home where it is followed. Apart from the people living in the house, Vastu is component that makes the home a home. Home is the hallmark of our personality and the place where we are present. Therefore, Vastu should obey every home and home. Despite your religion, caste or beliefs, once you experience Vastu tips for home, you will understand that it is a science that works in a subtle way. However, for the happiness and harmony of them, it is actually an art.


Vastu is a science in which the overall health of the human race is improved using the positive energy of structures and premises, and there is no place other then its own home where it is followed. Apart from the people living in the house, Vastu is component that makes the home a home. Home is the hallmark of our personality and the place where we are present. Therefore, Vastu should obey every home and home. Despite your religion, caste or beliefs, once you experience Vastu tips for home, you will understand that it is a science that works in a subtle way. However, for the happiness and harmony of them, it is actually an art.
  • Is your home published well? Avoid dim light in any room, in dark corners and in the evening because it expands negative energy in the house. Particularly dark darkness represents energy. If your home is not published well then members of your family will be witness to frustration.
  • Is there any broken mirror in your house? Avoid broken bits in the house because it attracts negative energy in the house. If the mirror is used according to Vaastu, then it has the power to reflect the positive and attracts unimaginable bliss. However, the broken mirror invites additional misfortune.
  • Is there good or bad place to worship around the house? According to Vaastu, there should not be any temple, church or mosque in front of or near the house because it attracts negative energy. Financially there is no harm in it but residents may have to face health related controversy and mental stress. Vastu is not stopped for people living around temples of some deities.
  • Is your house clean? Always keep your home clean and orderly (chaotic) which attracts positive energy. The natural tendency of people to live in clean places is that they feel happy.
  • Why is the recommendation of putting a mirror in the dining room? Because it attracts positivity and it is considered a symbol of food and doubling of wealth.
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Office Vastu Tips
Many people follow the principles of Vaastu during the construction of the office. Vastu for the office is a science to increase the positive energy of the house by building and interior decoration and bring prosperity in the life of the master and employees. Vaastu Shastra is an ancient Indian technique in which the power of property is used from the beginning like a land on which individual individual rooms, doors and windows are built. Due to Vaastu Tips, the company helps in getting more business and financially and in the form of a brand. If you are thinking of buying a office to build an office or building a office at some place or to make the existing office more attractive and to fill it with energy, implement Vaastu Tips for the office. It is important.

  • When you are in the office, your 7 chakras are activated by facing your best favorable direction and increasing your work efficiency. Faced with a favorable direction in the Vaastu-filled office, the body chakra is activated and it helps in keeping all your duties and creative ideas to move your business forward.
  • Sitting in your first favorable or good direction at the office or workplace helps in developing the business. Favorable direction is based on the person's birth date.

Entrance door Vastu Tips

It is not only for the entrance and the main door to welcome only his relatives and make his first good impression, but it is very important in Vastu Shastra. According to Vaastu, this is the area of ​​housing where allowing free flow of positive energy across the entire complex.

Therefore, Vastu Tips for the entrance and the main gate should be done in the homes and offices. Vaastu Tips focus mainly on the location of the main door and its direction. The main entrance built by Vastu will help in creating and maintaining friendly relations between family members and relatives in your home and bring more business to the office.


  • What direction is your main door facing? The direction of the main entrance should be according to the date of the applicant. The direction of the main entrance will not be the same for all. Therefore, it should be accounted for by one of your friendly direction and according to your date of birth, by simple Vastu experts.
  • Do you sleep in front of the main door? According to Vastu Shastra, sleeping in front of the main entrance has a very negative effect on your health. If it is mandatory then make sure that you are sleeping in your favorable direction.
  • As mentioned earlier, the Vaastu suggestion for the gate clarifies that there should be no barrier between inside or outside the main entrance. This affects the flow of energy in the house. Remove any furniture or gutters from the main entrance which is obstructing the opening of the main door completely.

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Vastu tips to increase money
Money Vastu Tips
The purpose of Vastu for the property can be thought to be the God of wealth, to keep God Kuber happy. When he is happy, the rain of wealth, fortune and prosperity is on his devotees. However, Vastu for the property should not be limited to pleasing God, therefore it is encroached on every religion and borders, because most men have the ambition and ambition to earn as much as possible and they also work hard for it. They are smartly spent and invested. Vaastu, by supporting such people, ensures that he does not suffer losses in his hard earned money, but only grow up. Vastu Tips for the property should be used not only at home but also at the offices.


  • Why are tapes, tapes or pipes dripping with faulty tank faucet or Pipes considered to be bad in Vastu? According to Vaastu Shastra, the leakage of water through the tap, pipes, tubes, tap water engaged in any tank, indicates the loss of money from the house or office. This loss of money is without the information of the person and often happens. Therefore, make sure that there is no leakage of faucet or sink, and thus protect yourself from economic losses like this.
  • The doors of the house should not be in a straight line with the main entrance, because it can have a negative effect on your health and property.
  • Decorating your home with paintings and paintings is the best way to bring positive energy. It can have an impact on your finance, education, relationships and health related problems.
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Bedroom vastu tips

Bedroom Vastu Tips
Being in the house of Vaastu is important for living a stress free life. Vaastu tips should definitely be followed for the bedroom for peace and peace in relationships. Vaastu is important for building and maintaining relationships in the bedroom, and therefore experts of Vaastu inspect the house's bedroom closely. In the olden days where every house used to have enough room to keep furniture and other items, while in today's time there is a shortage of space in homes, which causes disorder. This is especially true for cities and villages. A chaotic-free sleeping room ensures the flow of free energy. If the Vastu of the sleeping room is fair, then it helps to maintain harmonious relationship between couple. Another reason for the architectural significance of sleeping room is that after coming out of work all day, people come here to relax and sleep. If Vastu is fair, people wake up with new enthusiasm in the morning to face problems.

  • Can the aquarium be placed in the sleeping room? According to Vaastu, it is best not to leave the aquarium in the sleeping room. However, because of seeing the fish floating in the aquarium, there is relief in stress, but if keeping the same aquarium in the bedroom, the husband becomes the source of tension between the wife.
  • Which pictures should be avoided in the gold room? Water should not be placed in the bedroom. Find out more about setting up ideal images in our sleeping room with our architectural experts.
  • Bed size should be regularly and any irregular shape should be avoided. Irregular size bed affects not only the pattern of sleep patterns but also disrupts the arrangement of furniture around it.
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Vastu Tips for Kitchen
Kitchen Vastu Tips
It is important for the kitchen to take care of Vaastu Tips due to two reasons. The first reason is that the food is cooked here and the second is that women spend most of their time in the kitchen. Healthy food and health for women is ensured by Vaastu. Another important reason is that this is the place where the fire element is located and therefore the area should be made intelligently according to the layout. Vaastu not only determines the rules of the place and the direction of the equipment for the kitchen, but the place and direction of the person based on the person who is going to work there is determined. A specific direction has been set in Vastu for the kitchen at the residence. However this direction will change on the basis of kitchen construction.

The architectural tips for the kitchen have been given.

  • Check how to keep your kitchen appliances. If the rock and water sink is not in the proper place and direction, then it will continue to quarrel in the house because these two represent different elements and putting together these two elements together causes the stress in the house.
  • The knife should be kept in the favorable direction of the main person of the knob family. This ensures good health of the whole family. Simple Vastu helps determine your favorable directions.
  • The kitchen should not be near the stairs. It blocks the flow of energy.


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