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Friday, March 8, 2019

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

These symptoms appear when there is a shortage of vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D is very important for our overall health.

Feeling weak in muscles may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is very important for our overall health. It works to control the level of calcium in the body, which is essential for the functioning of the nervous system and the strengthening of the bones. It enhances the body's immune system. The symptoms of vitamin D do not appear immediately, due to which people do not know the diseases due to Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore it is important to take regular checkup of vitamin D and food containing vitamin D. Today, we are telling you how the symptoms are seen when there is a shortage of vitamin D in the body.
Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D


pain in bones.

Feeling weak in the muscles

Fatigue and weakness

More sleepy

Always feel depression

More sweating than the head than the body.

Frequent infection

Danger of these diseases

Skin color darkens

The dark color of the skin is due to a pigment called mellinin. Due to the high incidence of millenium, vitamin D is not properly formed in the skin when it is sunny. Some researches believe that in the growing age, those with dark skin may face the problem of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D:Diabetes

You know this because obesity is the major cause of diabetes, but do you also know that vitamin D deficiency along with obesity is also one of the main factors responsible for this disease. In this article, detailed how they are responsible for both diabetes. According to a research published in the Diabetes Care Journal, if the problem of obesity and vitamin D is common, then the risk of becoming unbalanced in the body increases the risk of insulin.

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Vitamin D:Anemia risk

If the level of vitamin D in the blood is less than 30 nanograms per milliliter, then the child's anemia is expected to be pathetic. Doctors say that children having less than 30 nanograms per milliliter of water were more than twice the risk of normal Vitamin D levels. The amount of Vitamin D in the blood of children who were at risk of anemia was found to be 20 nanograms per milliliter. Before this, many studies have found a connection between vitamin D and anemia. It also came to know that vitamin D deficiency also influences the production of red blood cells.

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Vitamin D:Can eat these diets
Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D
Fish is containing Vitamin D

Fishes like hilsa, small sea fish or mackerel, salmon and tuna are present in large quantities of oil, which is considered to be the best source of vitamin D By eating half a slice hilsa fish, Vitamin D is essential in adults. Apart from this, eating hundred grams of canned salmon is available to the body of about 90 percent of the essential vitamin D. Mackerel fish is also an important source of vitamin D. This cold living water can be eaten by buying canned or raw. In these fishes, vitamin D as well as adequate minerals like calcium, protein and phosphorus are found in abundance.

Milk is considered another great source of vitamin D. As much as vitamin D is needed for us throughout the day, 20 percent of it is filled with milk. While unprofounded dairy products usually contain vitamin D in small quantities.

Eggs are considered healthy food and there is a good source of vitamin D, which is rich in vitamin D. Although Vitamin D is found in more egg yolk. But still we should eat it whole. Eating white part of the egg does not have enough supply of Vitamin D.

Like milk, orange juice is also considered vitamin D source. Many health experts believe that vitamin D can improve health quickly. For this, you should make orange juice a part of your diet.

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D
Vitamin D:Cheese

However, Vitamin D is abundant in all types of cheese, but Vitamin D is less in comparison to other food items. Ricotta cheese contains enough vitamin K as compared to other paneer. Therefore, it can be included in your diet.
 Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D
Vitamin D:Mushroom

Mushrooms are considered a good source of vitamin D. Mushrooms grow only by getting the Sun's ultraviolet rays, which is considered to be the best source of vitamin D. In many species of mushroom, the amount of vitamin D is found separately. But vitamin D in the Button Mushroom is found in abundance amounts. By regular eating four large mushrooms, it provides about three percent of the essential vitamin D and provides 140 calories. Apart from eating mushrooms, health also has many benefits.

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Vitamin B12

If there is a shortage of vitamin B12, then you are calling death

Do you ask to slow down the fan even in such weather, when the rest are feeling warm, because your body does not like to feel cold? Or you have chaos in the legs and burning or cold, pain in the joints, trouble in remembering anything, speed of heart beat and climbing of breath, skin falling yellow, pain in mouth and tongue, loss of appetite, Feeling weak, obscenity, weight loss, frequent diarrhea or constipation, difficulty walking, unnecessary fatigue, are becoming victims of depression? Take care. These symptoms are going on in the body of your body due to lack of vitamin B12, which will mean not to be understood on time, it will mean life threatening life and invoking new diseases.


Vitamin B12 foods is necessary

B12, which transforms fat into energy form, plays a key role in controlling body temperature. Vitamin B12 only makes red blood cells in the body. It is also helpful in working properly of the brain and nervous system, creating and repairing genes found in cells, and the formation of certain elements of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It does not work to make different types of proteins for all parts of the body, but also works to give proteins to nerves of every part of the body. Vitamin B12 is a central element in preventing the development of birth defects, so the woman who is planning to conceive is supposed to check its deficiency.

For a healthy life Vitamin B12 foods

Although B12 is the last vitamin but it is the biggest and most important key to a healthy life, due to which there is no accurate information, we do not pay attention to it nor do the measures to keep it balanced.

It is also surprising that in most of our bodies, this compound of cobalt, which was consumed in the diet, is absorbed by microorganisms with the help of a biochemical molecule released by the cells of the intestinal wall at the end of the small intestine. . If there is a lack of this biochemical molecule in the body, then how much B12 we take in the food, the body is unable to take it. Similarly, in the absence of cobalt metal / mineral or in the absence of specific microorganisms it is not possible to produce it in the body of the organisms.


How much vitamin B vitamins should

The body requires 2.4 microgram Vitamin B12 daily and our body is molded into the mechanism of collecting its volume and using it according to need. Without a new supply, our body can keep B12 safe for 30 years as opposed to other vitamins, it is stored in our muscles and other parts of the body, especially in the liver.

Due to the lack of Vitamin B12

Know that most of the B12 deficiency is actually the case of lack of absorption, because the ability of B-12 absorption of forty cross people gradually decreases. Many medicines also impede the absorption of B12 temporarily or forever when used for long periods of time. Apart from this, the body decreases its reserve volume regularly due to excessive B12 intake. A lack of B-12 is found for many reasons, including lifestyle habits and biochemical problems. According to a recent research, nearly 60-70 percent of India's population and nearly 80 percent of urban middle class are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Vitamin b12 foods:Non-vegetarians are not the only choice.

It is not that only meat recipients are conscious of the lack of this vitamin. In those parts of the body, which is found in excessive amounts, most of the non-vegetarians also consider to be inedible, therefore, vegetarians also use yeast, sprouted pulses, algae, milk products such as curd, cheese, cheese, butter, whey, With the help of soya milk etc and vegetables growing inside the ground such as potatoes, carrots, radish, turnips, sugar beet, etc., can get adequate amounts of B12, Took Machete and spirulina is so good. Especially if you are near forty or have reached beyond. Yes, the good thing is that the amount of its drug depends on the severity of the merge and there is no side effect. This medicine works to activate the lactobacillus bacteria present in the intestines.

Vitamin b12 foods:There are also some side effects

Where the Benefits of Vitamin B12 are the benefits, and it is involved in almost every activity, from the creation of life to running it smoothly, but recent research has also highlighted a negative side of it that it is responsible for filling face with acne Plays an important role in stimulating bacteria, and this problem may also come with those who take vitamin B12 tablets. Scientists are now focusing on finding effective treatment of acne on this basis.

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Body's natural light

Recently, MIT scientists put forth a new form of vitamin B12 that it plays an important role in the form of genital regulation as well as the body's natural light switch. In the study of proteins of the bacterial thermos thermophilus, it became clear that these photoreceptor proteins, which make our bodies aware and aware of the mechanism of the body, their food-water is Vitamin B12 only. Not only this, light sensing proteins control jeans, which are not possible without B12

Researchers say that nature not only gave vitamin supplements to the body in its entirety but also backed up the whole enzyme unit. In this way, the role of B12 in the wake of our sunrise and changing the sleeping habit after sunset, this role of B12 can open the doors of new discoveries in the coming time.

The special thing has also been revealed that in the dark, the microbes' photo receptors are stuck with DNA and keep the activities of the thermos thermophilus jeans, but as soon as the light falls, the photo receptors are dispersed from the tissues, and the bacteria Begins making such enzymes, in which the cell system can be protected from the effects of DNA breakdown due to sunlight. Genetic engineering that controls light by controlling DNA transcription from this search can also be done, the way to control the relationship between proteins can open, for which thanks to B12, the lesser the thanks. So, how special is the B12, you will know.
Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

Vitamin B12 can be eaten to meat the shortage

Vitamin B12 sources for carnivores

Vitamin B12 has 98.9μg (1648% DV) in 100 grams of shellfish. There is 83.1μg (1386% DV) of vitamin B12 in 100 grams of lever (beef). At 2.4μg (40% DV) in 100 grams of tofu fish. There is 6.0μg (100% DV) in 100 grams of red meat (beef). 100 g of egg or chicken contains 2.0μg (33% DV).

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

Vitamin b12 foods:Milk for vegetarians, curd

In 100 gram fat-free yogurt (10% DV) vitamin B12 and 15% daily value (DV, daily required quantity) is per cup. is. curd also contains B-complex vitamins like Vitamin B2 and B1 and B12. Milk may be a good option for vegetarians at 100 grams of low fat milk containing 0.46μg (8% DV) and 19% daily value (DV, daily required quantity) per cup. Apart from this, vitamin B12 is also found in abundance in soya product soya bean, soya milk etc.

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There is also a good cheese for Vitamin B12.

The amount of vitamin B12 in cheese depends on its type and variety. Swiss cheese provides the highest vitamin B12. 100 grams (56% DV) Swiss cheese contains 3.34μg. Vitamin B12 is also quite good in cottage cheese.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 in diabetes

Diabetes neuropathy is common in long-standing diabetics, it affects nerves and can damage the whole body. People with vitamin B12 deficiency suffer from diabetes neuropathy. Vitamin B12 deficiency reduces the reed bone. Can and can damage the nerves

Apart from this, due to the lack of vitamin B12, the myelin is gradually destroyed, which works to prepare the outer covering around the reed bone and the brain's nerves.

Vitamin B12 helps in reducing symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy, which causes sunburn pain, tingling and tickling symptoms.

Pressures used in some diabetes treatments, such as metformin, can reduce the absorption of vitamin B12, so taking vitamin 12 or dietary supplements can help a lot of diabetics

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