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Monday, February 4, 2019

vastu tips for getting new job

Vastu Tips To Get Success

Your success and happiness lies in your own self. Decide to be happy and you and your happiness will become such a host who will not live in front of the difficulties.

success job
Success Point
In the new year 2019, it is dependent on itself and people are ready with their own unique ways to welcome it. Many people can make a resolve to start good habits or any hobby. Some people may aim to get promoted or get professional or academic certificates while others may try to improve relations with old acquaintances. Anyway, people plan to start new from January 1. People make 5 best goals or resolutions such as health, money making, career growth, improvement of relationships with family and friends and success for people in the new year.

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But do you know that by following the following Vaastu tips of simple Vastu you can achieve all your goals? Vastu has the power to take you to any reasonable path that you have fixed for yourself. Raises the positive energy around you and creates enthusiasm for you to handle things and your life completely. So, when the new year has come in 2019, why should not these Vaastu tips be applied to those who have been certified by taking the juice of structural energies? So Vaastu becomes a part of your new year's resolutions. The reason why everyone is following the Vaastu in the coming year is that Vaastu does not have to constantly meditate and maintain it. It is only necessary for the person to implement the principles of Vastu in his daily life as well as in the home and office, and Vaastu starts doing his job without worrying about the person.
In fact, normal Vaastu Tips are very easy to implement and do not have to spend any more for it. To welcome 2019 to implement in your home

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Vaastu Tips are as follows:

• Keep your home clean and tidy. Negativity can arise in the mind due to the objects spread in the unorganized manner.
• Remove broken and outdated material placed under your bed. According to Vastu, keep the area around the bed free from disorder.
• Ensure that all the doors of your house (mainly to the main door) are fully opened ie that there should be no obstacle due to the furniture.
• Remove the inactive and broken clocks from the house.
• Ensure that there is no leakage of water from any pipe or pipe stuck in the house.
There are some easy ways mentioned above which are meant to emulate for any accommodation. Although simple architectural theories are a step forward and they activate and balance the chakras of the body. When the chakras are functioning properly then the person's health remains the best and he gets inner peace. Below are some of the Vastu tips to welcome 2019.
• Keep your head in your 2nd favorable direction while sleeping. This activates your 7 cycles and improves health related issues.
• Get information of four favorable and four adverse directions and how they help us succeed.
• Wear your favorite color dresses for positive results in all aspects of life.
• Use objects of Vaastu to remove the following architectures due to negative energies.
• To increase the positive energy of the house, clean your house with saffron salt water.
Take the help of simple Vaastu Consultants to get the positive impact of Vastu Energy in the new year 2019 Remember that due to improper architecture of your office and home, the result of complete health, prosperity and success in the new year is achieved. Good luck to all of you and 2019 healthy and happy

Vastu Tips for Property
Home Vastu
Vastu Tips for Property

The purpose of Vastu for the property can be thought to be the God of wealth, to keep God Kuber happy. When he is happy, the rain of wealth, fortune and prosperity is on his devotees. However, Vastu for the property should not be limited to pleasing God, therefore it is encroached on every religion and borders, because most men have the purpose and ambition to earn as much as possible and they also work hard for it. They are smartly spent and invested. Vaastu ensures such people by supporting people that they do not lose their hard earned money but only grow. Vastu Tips for the property should be used not only at home but also at the offices.

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Vaastu tips for some property are mentioned below

• Why are tapes faucet or pipes that tap water from the tap or hole are considered bad in Vastu? According to Vastu Shastra, any leakage of water from the tap, pipes, tubes, water tanks attached to any tank shows the loss of money from the house or office. This loss of money is often without the information of the person and often happens. Therefore, make sure there is no leakage of faucet or sink, and thus protect yourself from economic losses like this.
• Doors of the house should not be in a straight line with the main entrance, because it can have a negative impact on your health and property.
• Decorating your home with paintings and paintings is the best way to bring positive energy. It can have an impact on your finance, education, relationships and health related problems.
How Vastu can impact your career
Fast Career Growth 
How Vastu can impact your career

The beginning of his livelihood is the most important step in the life of a person. Every young person, after the end of his / her education, uses his / her educational quality to earn livelihood for his own and closest relatives in the field and to get his fruits. Some are lucky enough to become entrepreneurs (hardworking) or follow their family business.

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Scientific explanation of causes of downfall, in the career below, is given below.

There is a place of business in every home or workplace. When the business site is affected, there is a problem in the business automatically. If the home or workplace's main gate is in adverse direction, business growth is adequately affected. There can be consequences such as restrictions in work, such as not getting a job, not getting increased salary, non-promotion and conflict with its managers and cooperative members.

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If the home or workplace's main gate is in adverse direction, then business growth may be affected. If a young person follows the adverse direction of the home or workplace, his mood may be affected and his result may be in making unfair decisions, and his mental peace will also be affected. Some may start their business in a strong way but due to various reasons, they become inactive in the business. Some people lose their job. Despite being hard working, 'not getting promotion' does not get motivation or support from their supervisors; Similarly, loss of job and dishonesty in place of work and getting rid of work (`Pink Sleep ') etc. Have to face.
Even if the job got even if it got a job without worrying about how many hours worked, without any hesitation, it would be difficult to get employment progress despite being honest and honest.

Business Development Vastu
Business Development Vastu
How Vastu helps in the development of business

Vaastu carrier- best guidelines'. Due to which a positive impact on the better prospects will be in accordance with the seeker who will be employed in the job and business. The level of confidence of Vastu from the Vastu service also improves for the career. Simple Vaastu suggests useful and easy treatments, which enable positive energy to be operated and reduces negative energy of the home or office on the related youth and without any structural change or break in the house or office. With the activation of 7 chakras, there is an increase in the development of a person's business.

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Follow up for success

Let's go to your office, keeping things in mind and what you can do to survive.

What should be done
  • Your office, the wall behind the one where you sit, works in a way. Never leave this wall empty. Put mountain wall papers on it.
  • You should keep the place open in front and around your chair. It is a symbol of an open mind. If the mind is open then new ideas will come and you will move faster from your counterparts in the office.
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Follow up for success
  • Try in the conference room that you sit in the southwest direction or in the southwest direction of the table. Also keep in mind that do not sit near the entrance door in the conference room, sit aside from there.
  • The table should be square or rectangular in your cabin. Keeping table with round edges should be avoided.
  • It is good to keep the furniture wood.
  • If any furniture in the cabin is broken, quickly fix it or replace it.
Avoid doing this
  • Avoid sitting under the beam
  • Avoid drawing a waterfall or a river on your back wall.
  • Never sit by putting a cross leg on your seat.
Follow up for success
Office Furniture 
Avoid using metal or plastic furniture
  • Avoid putting photographs showing negativity, such as war, violence, crying children, crying women in your cabin.
  • Do not document documents, scattered files at the office cabin or on your desk.


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