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Thursday, February 7, 2019

beauty tips for face to Get rid of torn lips and rustic skin, these easy remedies.

Get rid of torn lips and rustic skin, these easy remedies.

Get rid of torn lips and rustic skin, these easy remedies.
Dry Lips
  • During winter I am very sensitive to lips and skin.
  • When cold winds blow, people often complain of lip exploding.
  • Occasionally, this type of problem also increases blood from lips.
The winter season is very sensitive to lips and skin. When cold winds blow, people often complain of bursting lips. With this the skin starts to become rigid. Many times it happens when we do not take care of the skin, serious consequences are seen. Many times blood flow from the lips also increases due to its discomfort. In this article we suggest ways to make you tired lips and healthy skin healthy and soft.

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Beauty tips for face- How to keep your lips healthy.

Just as we expose the skin to facials, we expose the lipped lips exactly like that. With the help of toothbrush or hot wet cloth, the dead skin is removed. After expolyate, it is necessary to apply healing anointment to the lips. At the same time, it has to be kept in mind that nothing should be eaten and drunk after one hour of doing this procedure. If it is done before sleeping it proves to be more beneficial.

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How to use sunscreen and lip balm

Use lip balm, sunscreen or any other product that will keep your lips from spraying. Always be soft The use of this type of product keeps the moisture of the lips and helps it stay hydrated so that it quickly gets cured. The coating of petroleum jelly is an effective moisturizing lip balm that helps to cure torn lips.

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Use of diet and vitamins

Vitamins B, Vitamin C and Iron deficiency also cause cracks on the lips. Therefore you should know which nutrients are available in adequate amounts in your diet through which vegetables, fruits and other organic sources. Alternatively, you can take juice for the need of vitamins and iron. Drink plenty of water for bloating lips. Like drinking the water, the lips remain hydrated and also avoid bursts.

What to avoid

Many people get used to it when their lips begin to dry, then they wet it with tongue. This makes you feel better for some time, but it really starts drying again. Therefore, instead of doing this, restate lips with balm instead of doing it. Avoid smoking, besides, in the meantime, too much use of cosmetic should be avoided. If you take measures to stop the lips before the burst, then they will shed less.
Get rid of torn lips and rustic skin, these easy remedies.
Beauty Skin
Beauty tips for face-How does the skin become roughen

Usually in the winter the skin is rigid. There are several reasons for this, such as due to lack of stomach, excessive stress, drinking a lot of water, bathing with hot water and not properly cleansing of the skin etc. When the skin becomes dry, light lighter disintegration from the skin, roughness in the skin, skin feeling all the time, and the skin is bursting from place to place.

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Beauty tips for face-How to keep skin healthy

Use of gram flour, turmeric and cream paste

Mix little turmeric powder and raw milk in the gram flour. Put it on face and body before bathing. Put body lotion. This will remove Suntan. In the winter you can add 1 big spoon of cream in it. Its use causes a dead skin and you will feel fresh.

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Oil usage

Sunflower, sesame oil, and olive oil help in the removal of skin, to overcome rudeness. Cooking oil can also be good for you. It can be used to protect the skin again.

Beauty tips for face-Can Refine Your Beauty, From Beauty Oils

Can Refine Your Beauty, From Beauty Oils
Beautiful Skin Coconut Oil
If you use certain oils in your home beauty treatment, you will have to spend less time in the beauty parlor during the wedding. How to use coconut, olive, almonds, sesame oil to enhance beauty

A couple of months before marriage, you can prepare your skin to be healthy, you can avoid the big expenditure on your beauty product and cosmetic. There are many elements in the oils that help nourish the skin and clean the color. In addition to applying in the head, you can make natural scrubs, body lotions, eye cream, make-up remover with oils too.

Body scrub and coconut oil: Make a natural foot scrub by adding some sugar to the coconut oil. Dead by its use

The cells will turn away and the skin will glow together. Make coconut oil as base oil and pour the essential oil of your choice, its smell will make the brain cool down and fatigue will be removed.

Remover Olive Oil for Make Up: A couple of months before the wedding, shopping, party, family walks round. In such a case, it is very important to make make-up to maintain a lively face. Do not forget to bring makeup in the evening. To remove it, insert some drops of olive oil on the soaked water and clean the makeup. If makeup is heavy, then repeat this process 2-3 times. Waterproof makeup can also be removed in this manner. Remove it with very light hands. After this wash the face with cold water. The blood circulation will increase, the closed porous will open and the skin lost will return moisture. Do not use it on oily or acne skin. This will increase the problem of acne infections.

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Almond oil for skin: It is believed that the oily massage should not be done directly on the skin. With this, the color of the skin gets shady. But with all the oil masses, this is not necessary. The color fades when almond oil is applied. Massage it in circular motion until it becomes completely absorbed on the skin. You can use almond oil instead of applying skin to remove skin wrinkles and fine lines.

Can Refine Your Beauty, From Beauty Oils
Beautiful Skin
Beauty tips for face-Good skin
Good fats do not make you fat, but help keep you healthy. Research suggests, if the right amount of food is fat, then many types of diseases can be avoided. If the difference between bad fat and good fat is understood, it can help to stay slim.

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Avocado Oil: Works of avocado oil's skin booster. It gives the skin nourishment, moisture and protection. It contains high levels of vitamin E such as antioxidant, which makes the skin soft and smooth.

Omega-3 Fish Oil: It is considered to be the best fat. Fish oil has good amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. With this the heart and brain are healthy. It is considered good for skin and hair glow.

Hand and Foot Care: Coconut oil should be regular on hands and feet, it can be a good alternative to expensive foot-hand creams. Due to this oil being light, it becomes very quick on skin. On regular massage with feet and hands coconut oil, the rusty and torn skin becomes soft and fine and the color fades. Coconut oil is often used as a base oil in Hair and Body Spa. Variety of herbs are mixed in this.

To remove the scars: Neem oil contains anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. It is also considered as essential oil, so do not use it directly on the skin. Mix it with olive oil and almond oil, add 1 teaspoon neem oil in one third cup almond oil. Now, after dipping the foil of cotton, put light on the stains.

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Beauty tips for face-Oil and skin type

If your skin is sensitive, then add lavender oil to the foundation or primer. Coconut oil for this type of skin can also be beneficial. Almond oil is fine for rustic dermatologists. Oily dermatologists should avoid putting oil on their skin. It is OK to put coconut oil on the combination skin.

Essential oil: Such oils are specially made from flowers, leaves, stems and roots of tree plants. Essential oil is very fast and thick oil. That is why it is not used directly on hair and skin. There may be problems with this. The color of the skin can also be slightly suppressed rather than the color. For better and good results, you can use some drops of essential oils in almonds, olive, coconut oil, such as lavender, papermint, rosemere, neem, sandalwood, t-tree, and most commonly used as essential oils. They are used in a variety of skin products, hair products and serum.


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