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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

white hair solution

Hair Remedies and Tips

Is there any reason why someone thought that why the hair becomes white before time.

white hair solution
Beautiful Black hair

  • Do not eat food at the time - by not eating food from time to time, the food we eat is digested properly, due to which the gas is formed in the stomach and when the gas is formed then it starts blocking our nerves and body blood circulation It decreases, due to which the body does not reach all the nourishment. And gas leads directly to Brain and blocks nerves.
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  • Do not eat a balanced diet - With no use of all kinds of things in the food, the nutrient deficiency in the body decreases. Due to which the development of the body is blocked.

  • Do not think of morning-to-day thinking which causes gums in the stomach and the main reason for hair becoming white is to become a gas in the stomach.
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  • Excessive use of fried cheese: Using ginger made in oil in the stomach, such as using oil made.

  • Do not work every day: By not exercising everyday, the body does not have the proper circulation of blood and the nerves begin to be blocked.

  • Do not comb on hair at the time of combing: Do not comb the hair from time to time, the hair begins to form and make a layer on the head so that the hair produces obstruction in coming out, and in the hair from time to time With no comb, blood is not operated properly in the nerves under the hair and cells die. And when the cells start dying, hair does not get proper nutrition, due to which the hair is fast white.

  • Do not wash the hair from time to time: Do not wash the hair on time, the dirt gets accumulated in the hair and blocking hair growth.

  • Use of Shampoo  with Chemical in Hair: Using hairy hair shampoo hair, hair cells die, due to which the hair is white fast.
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  • Excess Drugs Experiments: More medicines are made in the stomach, and the veins circulating in the body begin to stop and the nourishment does not reach the hair properly, due to which the hair is rapidly white.

white hair solution
White hair

How to Avoid Hair Being White

  • Cleaning hair once or twice a week: Hair cleaning does not accumulate hair or dirt from time to time due to blood circulation and good hair cells remain active. And the hair gets nourished right and the hair remains black and dense for a long time.

  • Use herbal shampoos: Hair cells do not die from the use of herbal, and the blood circulation is good, which gives the hair proper nutrition and the hair is black dense and strong for long periods of time.

  • Hair to the comb: After the bath after drying, apply oil in the hair after drying and combing. By combing hair, hair cells remain active and remain firm, black, dense for a long time.
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  • Use of Coconut Oil: Using silk, hair silk becomes thick and strong.
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  • Hair massage: Hair massage with the hands after applying oil in the hair, the hair cells work out and the cells remain active so that the nourishment meets the hair properly and becomes stronger.

  • Use of almond oil: Almond contains many nutrients which nourish the hair.

  • Ghee can also be used in the hair: It is believed by the old people that due to greasing and massaging the hair, black hair is long and strong.
  • Do the food at the time: Dieting does not make the gas in the stomach, and the blood circulation is good, which gives nutrition to the hair rightly, and the hair cells remain active.

  • Reduce the use of oil made products: Tissues made from oil do not make gas in the stomach with less use, which means that the operation of blood in the body is good.
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  • Use of Maltani clay in the hair: Using the Multani soil, the heat of the head is removed and the hair is also silk. Note: Avoid the use of multani clay in winter as it is cold.

Avoid thinking too much: To think too much, the hair starts to be white.


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