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Friday, January 11, 2019

Heel pain

Heel pain

These exercises of the feet are beneficial for brain, get rid of stress.

Feet Exercise

  • Exercise makes your brain sharp and smart too.
  • Legs of the feet send the brain to a special signal, which makes new cells.
  • It is also worth 25 minutes daily to walk very beneficial.

Exercise is not only necessary for your body's fitness, but it also makes your brain sharp and smart too. Research has found that the exercises of the feet are beneficial not only for the feet but also for the brain. The reason for this is that during the muscle exercises in the legs, a special type of signal is sent to the brain, which is necessary for the creation of new cells in the brain. Exercise on the legs can also prevent you from problems like depression, tension and stroke. Let's tell you, what exercises of the legs are the best.

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Bridge Roll Exercise
To do this, lie down on the mat with your back. Keep both of your hands in the side and lift the lower part of your waist and keep it on the ball. Now move the ball towards your knees and move the ball away from you for a few seconds. Repeat this verb. To make it a bit better, you should practice this by using one leg upwards and with the other leg. Keep in mind, use only one leg at a time. This burns more than your calorie run.

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Butt bridge exercise
Butts Bridge is a very good exercise for butt. To do this, lie first on the mat. Now pull the butt inwards and gradually lift them above the ground. Then gently move the butt into the first position. In this way there is a set of Butts Bridge. Put 10 to 15 sets of Butts Bridge in this way. These exercises are beneficial for your feet and the fat deposited on the hips is also faster, so that the fitness of your lower body is better.
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Jogging is also beneficial
Jogging is the best exercise for feet. Walking the ankles on the ground gives a full speed of the feet until the feet raise the fingers. Strolling with it also helps you lose weight.
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Cm squats
To do this exercise, you can get help from a chair at the beginning. For this, stand on the opposite side of the chair and keep both hands on the chair. Now come in the air seat position for 10-15 seconds and stand up. Repeat this exercise 10-15 times.


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