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Monday, January 14, 2019


Body fitness

Should the fitness and muscles in less time? Please do these exercises
•Fit body should be done in just 6 minutes. Unique Exercise.
• These 4 exercises are full body workouts in itself.
• These exercises can be done easily at home.

Every person wants to be fit and wants a good body but most people do not have the time to go to the gym and sweat for hours. In such a case, if you have the right exercise then you can get good fitness by staying at home in a short span of time. If you also want to be your muscles and body fit, you can do this by just exercising just 6 minutes every day.
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2 minutes Stretching
This workout is very easy and it benefits the whole body. If you want to do full body workouts, then this is one of the better options for you. Stand upright to do this, then lift the hands up and stretch the legs, come down and come into normal condition. Take this exercise for 2 minutes. After that rest for 10 seconds.
Take a minute pushups
With the chest and shoulders widening, it is also a better workout for stomach muscles by strengthening the hands. When doing this, keep in mind that when you go upwards, pull the breath in and take the breath out while coming down. After doing it for one minute, rest for 10-15 seconds.

Take two squats in two minutes
Make squats for 2 minutes to strengthen the leg muscles in your 6-minute workout. Squats your waist is beneficial for knees and leg muscles. Stand upright to do this and keep a little difference between the legs. Raise both hands and bring it to your shoulders. Now giving a slight weight to the knees is exactly the same Try to sit like you sit on a chair. Keep the waist straight during this. After doing this, rest for 10-15 minutes.
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Take a minute triceps
To do this you can take the help of the chair. This workout is very beneficial for the thighs muscles with hands. During this, the full load of your body comes to your hands. Whenever you are upstairs, pressure is also on the feet with hands and the muscles are strong. Do this for a minute.
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Build strong body at home with these small appliances from the gym.

• Everyone wants to build a good body.
• Many times this is not possible in the absence of information.
• Every one of us wants his body to be attractive.

Every man and woman want to build a good body in less effort. However, this is not possible in the absence of information. While every one of us wants his body to be attractive. Muscles and bones are strong If you think so, then here is a good suggestion for you. We are telling you about some small appliances used in the gym, with the help of which you can create the body you want. Provided you have to do this work by becoming regular and temperate.
Fitness Ball
Barbel rollout
Put 10-pound plates on the barbel and add callers. Come to the knees on the ground, and hold the bar from the top. Keep your shoulders straight above the barbel and your lower back is naturally bent. Slowly roll the bar forward, open your body as much as you can easily open. Wait for two seconds, and then return back to its starting position. Repeat 5 times.
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Hanging Side Planck
Put the barbel on a low rack, almost at the height of the hip. Lie down on the ground, under the barbel, on the ground. Raise your hand up and grab the barbel. Try to lift your body from the ground. Keep the touching part directly from the ground. Stay like 30 seconds, then change the way.

Weslawed leg curl
Lie down on the back and turn knees. Your edges will be placed above the wineslide pair Raise your hips, your knees and shoulders will come in a straight line. Then slowly spread your legs in such a way that your waist does not bend. Wait a while, then try to come back to the starting position. Repeat this process 15 times.

Madison Ball / Fitness Ball Slam
Hold a Madison Ball at the height of the waist. Open the legs to the width of the shoulders. Tilting your elbows slightly, lift the ball upside down and throw it on your back on the ground. Repeat this eight times.

Bind a loop -executed band to a vertical object. Keep in mind that they should be below your shoulder length. Feet should be opened to open the width of the shoulders. The straightforward part of your body should be tied to the bounded band. Then drag the band towards yourself. Between your chests Hold it with both hands and move one or two steps forward. Then wait for some time, and come to the initial position.

Hold the handle of a dip station. Stick your elbows and raise the feet above the ground. Be careful, do not move your shoulders. Your feet above your own body

Raise towards. So that your body will be of L shape. Then wait 10 seconds, and return to the old condition.

Overhead walk
Hold a medium sized dumbel and lift it over your head. Keep the back straight and the body tight Walk forward. Walk like this for 10 yards. Keep in mind, keep your abs in such a way as if there is a need for a punch.
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Best Exercise, Always Stay Fit

• Strength training is such a exercise that is required by law
• Exercise like cycling helps in reducing calories and fat in the body

• If you want to lose weight, then nothing better than running

Those who are a bit thicker i.e., whose weight is high, they often have a dilemma about how to choose the exercises. If you think so, then here we are telling you about 5 such exercises with which you can always be healthy and fit. This will also keep you weight control. You will also survive from many serious diseases. The thing to keep in mind is that it is necessary to do all the exercises regularly.
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Strength Training 
Strength training is such a exercise that is required by law. Complete preparation is essential before the Strength Training Exercise, at least in the first round, muscle exercises for one to three days in the week. The easiest option is to exercise and dumble the weight machine with strength training. With the help of Strength Training, muscles can be strengthened by reducing whole body fat including stomach. Strength training not only helps in weight loss but can also be used to increase weight.

A stroll turns your digestion into action. Walking alone not only digestion system works. Apart from constipation, the person also benefits, besides calories burn, which leads to obesity. Regular jogging can be very beneficial. It reduces weight and also corrects heart problems.
If you want to lose weight, then nothing better than running. Running is a very good exercise, because it burns a lot of calories. But, to avoid injury, it is important that you start running slowly. Running regularly makes bones and muscles strong. This reduces the risk of bone related diseases such as osteoporosis and arthritis. With this running, the density of the bones of the legs and hips also increases.
It has now been certified in many researches that exercise like cycling regularly helps in reducing calories and fat in the body, so that the figure is slim and does not increase weight. During bicycling, there is a good workout of the legs, as well as muscle strength. To make mussels, cycling is less in any sense than pushups. Cycling every day strengthens the body's resistance mechanism, so that the stamina remains intact for a long time. Also, it is also helpful in fighting diseases.
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Running, jogging, cycling, stair climbing, rope jumping and aerobics classes are all examples of aerobic activities. Through all these activities, it is necessary to work hard to reach the heart, blood vessels and lungs to carry oxygenated blood to the functioning muscles. The result is that cardio vascular system and respiratory system become more robust and efficient. Exercises related to aerobics are, however, the best ways to smell excess fat.


Exercise in the pregnancy keeps the infant from being fit, immunity will also be stronger
• Stretching exercises make the muscles flexible and warm.
• During pregnancy when blood pressure is high, do not exercise.
• There should be enough light and air at the work place

Did you know that exercise does not just fit you during normal days but also during pregnancy? During this, doctors also recommend light exercise. Walking or less fatigue in the home are also considered as equivalent to exercise. But if you are looking for some exercises that you can do at home to stay fit during pregnancy, do not worry.

• Relax your neck and shoulders. Tilt the head forward. Gradually move your head towards the right shoulder, then bring the head back in the middle, then move the head towards the left shoulder. In this way, repeat the process gradually four times.
• Stretching exercises during pregnancy make the muscles flexible and warm. It provides great benefits during delivery during pregnancy.
• The problem of pain in pelvic, hips and feet during laborer pen is greatly increased. But if pregnant women do yoga during pregnancy, regular practice will make them easier to stretch pelvic, hips and feet.

• Yoga improves the problem of abnormal blood pressure during pregnancy due to yoga, as well as sugar level control. It can be easily avoided by the problem of gestational diabetes or hypertension during pregnancy.
• By involving Yoga regularly in life, pregnant women can normalize their bodies and brain nerves with bridging exercises. Hormones are balanced and women are emotionally strong.
• It is also necessary to remain in the posture to leave the body completely loose after work, morning and afternoon and in the evening. Exercise is also necessary for the rest, because of this you have to work harder to do other things.
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Do not use these exercises in pregnancy

• Weightlifting should not be done at all during pregnancy. By doing so, stress and cardiovascular problems are created in the brain cell. You can have Labor Pen ahead of time, so do not do weightlifting in pregnancy.
• Playing high impact sports such as basketball, baseball, tennis etc. can hurt you. So stay away from high impact sports during pregnancy.
• Do not sit-ups and crunch during pregnancy. By doing so, the pressure on the core mussels to lose weight and burn fat.
• The heart needs more blood during the process of high intensity workout. High intensity workout increases during pregnancy, heartbeat increases which can be harmful to both mother and infant.


• Before you do yoga, you should take special care that you do not exercise yourself without consulting your doctor. Along with this, if you are going to do yoga for the first time, then do Yoga for the right posture under the supervision of a Yoga Expert. By which you can get maximum Yoga benefits.
• During pregnancy when blood pressure is high, do not exercise.
• Should not be exercised even when bleeding and even if it is down or placenta.
• If you are feeling tired and dizzy during exercise, stop exercising and relax. If you are having more problems, contact the doctor immediately.
• There should be enough light and air at the place of exercise.

Hard to put in excess exercise
• Over exercises cause muscle pain
• Over exercise is also called Compulsive Exercise
• Does not respond to body by doing excessive workout

Regular exercise is helpful in reducing body weight and keeping it healthy and strong, but when this exercise is over, it can cause significant damage. Over exercises cause problems in muscle pain, fatigue, back pain etc. The body does not respond to excessive workouts. At the same time, there is no proper advantage. If you are too much exercising, then this article is for you.

What is Over Exercise
Over exercise is also called Compulsive Exercise. As long as you are exercising according to the needs of your body, you will feel refreshed and fit, but when this exercise takes you above a certain level then you are susceptible to many types of physical damage.

Symptoms of Over Exercise
If you are exercising over, you may see some special types of symptoms in yourself, like always feeling tired, having muscle pain, sleepiness, headache, irritability, tension, knee damage, Reduces excess weight due to the presence of stroke mark on the body and pain in the waist.

Loss of Over Exercise
Osteoarthritis: If you exercise more than you need, your knees may be damaged. Not only this, the likelihood of osteoarthritis also increases. According to Christoph Stelling, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) expert, people with high levels of physical activity are more at risk of developing abnormalities in the knees, and this may also cause osteoarthritis problems.

Mental Health: Over Exercise Your mental health can definitely worsen. According to a research, exercising for longer periods of time can diminish mental health, which reduces the ability to think, understand and make opinions. According to the report, this is particularly fatal for women. Women who spend time in the gym more slowly to look slim, their mental balance can stumble in any age and their power to think and understand may be impaired.

Eating Disorder: Over Exercise Eating can cause disorder. It is believed that the person starts to eat more than merely thinking about physical exercise. According to a report of Daily Mail, those who read or think about exercising start to eat 50 percent more. This is due to the 'subconscious reward theory', according to which when physical or mental efforts are made regarding exercise, people benefit more by eating more.
Harmful to the heart: Excessive exercise can be dangerous for your heart. According to a study in Plus One magazine, more exercise increases the risk of heart damage in some people. People who exercise more than physical ability also increase blood pressure levels, which increases the risk of heart attack.

What to do: To keep yourself healthy, burn 600 calories a day, that is, 3000 calories a week. Adopt yoga, aerobic exercise, running, cycling, cardio, weight training, full body circuit training etc. This type of exercise should be done separately for at least 30 to 45 minutes every day for five or six days of the week.
Keep in mind, if more than 3000 calories are reduced every week, you may have several types of physical ailments, as well as the right amount of water after the workout, so you can not come under the influence of dehydration.

After menopause, keep the diseases of the heart away, so do women, these exercises

• Menopause increases the likelihood of heart disease
• Women should take care of their health before menopause.
• You can keep your heart healthy with certain essential exercise regularly.

After menopause (menopause) that periods in women are closed, many kinds of problems start. Generally, weight gain, stomach, fatigue, depression, anxiety etc. are common after menopause. But studies show that after menopause, the likelihood of heart disease in women increases significantly, and during this time the cases of heart attacks have been seen more. In order to keep the heart healthy, women should take care of their health before the menopause and should regularly exercise some necessary precautions to prevent heart failure.

Why is exercise necessary
Regular exercise is an important way to keep the heart healthy, if we move fast for at least 30 minutes in the day or take part in sports activities for at least five days in the week such as playing or swimming It is recommended. Exercise keeps weight balanced. Apart from this, it helps to reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and this also reduces our stress levels. Let's tell you what will be your heart with the exercises, even after the menopause.

Aerobic exercise
More muscles are used in this exercise. This helps your heart and lungs work properly. Under this exercise, dancing, cycling, running, swimming etc comes. Such workouts increase the amount of oxygen in the body, helping to properly communicate blood in the heart and body's entire muscles.

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Abdominal Breathing Technique
For this, put one hand on the chest and the other on the abdomen. Take a deep breath through the nose. This will make you feel strained in the lungs. Do this 6 to 10 times every day. This will make you feel heartbeat and blood pressure is controlled. After the menopause, doing this exercise daily will save you from heart diseases and control on breaths will increase. It can do this even when you feel stress.

Shashankasana regulates secretions caused by adrenal glands. Heart disease is removed from Shashankasana, lungs, entrails, liver, pancreas are also clean. With the help of this posture, the nerves are flexible and function well. Shashankasana is beneficial for gas, lack of appetite, etc. Since Shashankasana has pressure on the lower part of our stomach, therefore, the complaint of constipation ends. Not only this, the excess fat of the body can also be reduced due to Shashankanasana.
Sit down and sit down the mat or mat. Bend the two feet and place it behind the back (hips) and sit on the edges. Now breathe both hands upside down. After this, leaving the breath out, slowly lean towards the front and hang the palms on the floor. Keep your head even on the floor. Hold the breath for sometime after coming in this position of asana. Then breathing in the body, bringing the stomach to the stomach, then the chest, then lift the head and keep the head and hands facing towards the front. Stay in this situation for some time. Stay straight and relax. Perform the same verb from 4 to 5 times.


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