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Thursday, January 3, 2019


Benefits of Running

Park Running

The amount of oxygen in open air is high.
On the treadmill you do not have to fight the resistance of air.
Running on the treadmill is as effective as running out.

Running for fitness is good but some people are confused about going to the gym and running on a treadmill or running in open spaces in the park. Running improves blood circulation in the body and muscles get strength. If you run 1 hour every morning from 30 minutes a day, then your health is always good and the risk of life-threatening diseases is eliminated. Let's tell you that it's better to run on a treadmill or in the park.

Where is it better to run

Actually, which place is better for running, it depends on your circumstances. Normally walking in open air is good for your health because it leads to clean oxygen in the body. But if you live in a polluted city or the park you run in, there is a road and the vehicle is constantly moving, so it is better to run on a treadmill.

Benefits of running in the park

Running in the park is best for you if your park's air is clean. Actually the amount of oxygen in the open air is high. If you have a lot of trees and plants in your park, then running in the morning will be fun for you. When you run, you breathe rapidly, so that the oxygen flow becomes good throughout the body. Blood flow is also increased while running, so it is beneficial for the body.

Running losses in the park

In today's cities, as much pollution has increased, breathing in the open air is not free from danger. If you live in a polluted air area or near park road, running in the park is not good for your health. The very small PM particles present in the air go in your lungs with breath, which is harmful to your health. Due to mud and water on rain, you can not run easily in the park.
Benefits of Running
Benefits of running on a treadmill

Benefits of running on a treadmill

Running on a treadmill is easy because you do not have to fight the resistance of air like running out. Apart from this, walking in the park is bad at times or in the summer. In such a situation, the treadmill can easily run in the opposite weather. VO2 max (oxygen consumption versus speed) is equal to running on a treadmill, it clearly shows that running on the treadmill is as effective as running out.

Running losses on the treadmill

By running on the treadmill, you stay away from the fresh air outside. In the outside air you can exercise for a long time, while running on the treadmill, you get bored only. Running at the same place every day, people often stop running after being bored several times. While running in the park, you keep seeing the things around and people are not bored fast.


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