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Sunday, January 20, 2019

Multani Mitti

Benefits of Multani Mitti 

Since ancient times Multani soil has been used as a natural remedy for skin and hair related problems. Multani soil is a major component used for beauty. Manufacturers of herbal products often use this natural component in skin and hair products. Multani soil was named after its birthplace. This soil is found in one place in Multan of Pakistan. Multani soil is a type of soil that has effective minerals such as magnesium, quartz, silica, iron, calcium, calcite and dolomite. It is available in powder and basic form in the market.
It is light brown and white. Nature has provided this magical product to take care of our hair and skin problems. It contains oil-absorption, cleansing and antiseptic properties which are very helpful in the treatment of various hair and skin conditions.

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Maitani soil  benefits for hair, skin and brain. 

  • The use of multani clay shines in hair, hair is not quick and hair is always strong and strong.
  • Tension keeps away as it helps in maintaining the health of the brain by applying it in the hair and provides coolness to the brain, which tension remains away.
  • The use of multani clay causes skin scars and rashes.
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Multani soil use

  • Nowadays, maltani clay usage is very much in the spa. If you have ever visited the spa or salon, then you have seen the Multani clay is used as a face paste.
Multani soil use for silk and hair.
  • Use Multani clay to make the hair silky, keep it in water for 15 minutes, when it is like a paste, apply it on the hair after 20 minutes before bathing, and keep hair covered for 20 minutes then wash it with the normal water.
  • After drying the hair, apply coconut oil or arandi oil in the hair and light massage with your fingertips, it should be used twice a week.
Use of multani clay to keep shiny skin
  • Keep maltani clay water roasting for 20-30 minutes, when it becomes like paste then filter it with cloth.
  • Then put the soil on the skin and keep it for 15-20 minutes, then wash it with the normal water.
  • After that, massage the skin with coconut oil or light oil with your favorite oil.
  • Use it once a week.
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I use dyke soil to remove dead skin.

Multani soil helps in drying flakes and dirt with your skin. You can prepare a moisturizing mask for the face with the help of multani clay, which will not only help to clean your skin, but also moisturize it well. This remedy is highly effective for people with dry skin.

How to create and use it

Mix the soil, honey and glycerin to make a spoon paste.

Put paste on your face, let it dry naturally and then wash it well with the help of lukewarm water.
Use this face mask once a week.

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Loss of soil.

Are there any side effects of multani soil? - This is a question that most people want to ask. Since mulatani soil is like a natural medicine, it has no side effects. But before using it, there are some things you should know, which are as follows: -

Multani soil is not suitable for internal consumption.
Multani soil is not considered good for dry or sensitive skin. This can make your skin appear to be rigid and lifeless. But the thing of happiness is that there is a way to reduce this side effect. To avoid this side effect, you can add almond milk in multani soil.

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Because it is a cold trend, you can use disorders related to the respiratory system. So, when you have a cold cough, avoid using it as much as possible.

In short, Multani soil is very helpful in making your skin healthy and nourishing the hair, so you do not have to spend your hard earned money in the beauty parlor. All you have to do is take care of the above mentioned things and precautions and use this miraculous natural donation to make four moons in your beauty. Next time you are shopping for beauty products, do not forget to buy Multani clay.

Instructions: Avoid using multani clay in winter, because it is cold.


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