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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Jaggery nutrition

Jaggery benefits winter

Empty stomach junk is good, chest burns and constipation will always remain

Jaggery benefits winter

  • Jig burns the chest and the constipation stays away.
  • Eating junk gives harmful toxins out of blood
Jig is considered medicinal in winter. Ayurveda has also been told that the consumption of jaggery is equal to nectar for the body. This not only improves the digestive system but also gets rid of many diseases. To consume the jaggery, energy consumption is very small. If it takes 100 calorie energy to digest jaggery, then 500 calories is spent in digesting sugar. For those who have problems like chest burning, constipation or gas in the stomach, it is very beneficial for them to eat empty stomach jaggery. Not only this, jaggery also provides relief in flu, sore throat and irritation. Not only the stomach, but also the skin also has many benefits due to the intake of jaggery. Junk also removes harmful toxins from the blood. Let's know what the benefits of jaggery

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Jaggery benefits winter
Stomach Pain 

Benefits of eating jaggery

Jug is a pure, raw whole sugar prepared from sugarcane. It is the minerals and vitamins which are basically present in cane juice. Jig is considered to be the purest form of sugar. Jiggery is a major source of iron and the person suffering from anemia (Anemia) is advised to use it instead of sugar.

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Most people use jaggery in cold so that in a small quantity, there is harm from eating more jaggery with this thinking. Its tendency is warm, but it is a misunderstanding that jaggery can be eaten in every season and the old jag always works as a medicine. According to the Ayurveda Code, it is quick digestive, blood-enhancing and appetizing. In addition, eating jaggery items provides relief in diseases.
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Junk ingestion is beneficial for women or girls who suffer during periods. Jaggery keeps your digestion true. Therefore eat jugs during periods. This will ease the pain.
If you are worried about joint pain, jaggery can prove to be very beneficial for you. Phosphorus with calcium present in jaggery is considered helpful in strengthening bones. Apart from this, consuming ginger with a piece of jaggery regularly does not cause joints pain in the winter.
Jugs are also very good for your skin. It helps to make your skin healthy and attractive. Junk helps in eliminating bad toxin from the blood. Which causes your skin to glisten and there is no problem of acne.

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Due to the warming of jaggery, its consumption results in ease of cold and cough. But it should be kept in mind that it should not be used by raw jaggery during cold weather, you should use it in the tea or making it laddoo. Apart from this, due to sore throat, due to the problem of sound sitting, it turns away from eating two black pepper, 50 grams of jaggery.

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People with asthma also are advised to eat jaggery. Jig regulates the temperature of the body and in it due to anti-allergic properties, its intake remains beneficial for asthma patients.

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