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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Vastu shastra

Vastu shastra

Importance of Vastu for educational institutions
Education Vastu Class Room Structure 
For educational institutions Vastu plays an important role in the educational institution, in the same way in the success of students and teachers. Most successful educational institutions, with proper compliance with Vastu, have great examples of architecture.
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According to the simple Vastu, for the educational institutions, Vastu is required to come under one category of Vastu directions of the head of the institution. If the Vastu of the institution is not compatible with the head then the architectural conformity can give measures to control the issues.

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for students

Educational institutions such as schools, colleges and coaching institutes, wherein students spend most of their time studying in the course, listening to teachers. It is important to sit in the right direction for the students, so that their order cycle is actively active and students can be able to understand and understand the concepts from concentration. All study tables are clean. Do not load tables with many books or objects.
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for Class
Classroom is of utmost importance for running a successful educational institution where students spend their maximum time. The classroom should be clean, pleasant, free of any bad odor, very open with light and air. It is necessary to take care of the location of the class so that the students can avoid noise and the crowd around the orbit. There is no space for beam or bathroom. The image and symbols of those who inspire and encouraged students in the class to be placed in the right place. Moving horse, rising sun, picture of Goddess Saraswati, pictures showing the students' past achievements and symbols in the symbols (trophies) are included in the symbols.

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Color the orbit with dark colors. Avoid obstacles in the concentration, the edges of the furniture, the sharp edges of the furniture, the open shelves. Do not leave the study table in front of the wall.
Vastu for Hospitals
How will Vastu affect hospitals?
Hospital Vastu Structure
Get it right soon - these are attached to the ashram for hospitals, nursing homes, sick and handicaps, as well as fast growing areas of health tourism are now the factors of development and are the sources of foreign exchange revenues available to the Indian government today. The revival of India is really the progress of India.

Hospitals should be created according to Vastu for hospitals so that I can improve the nature of the patients as soon as possible and the hospital environment is also calm and happy.

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Vastu for hotels

How Will Vastu Affect Your Hotels?
Hotel Vastu Structure 
Restaurants or independent restaurants attached to the hotel promote hospitality industry. Using the Vastu Concept for easy Vastu Hotels, the establishment of the restaurant industry, entertainment industry and earnings and food restaurant industry can easily be mixed with the 'Indian Deity Bhav' from the ancient Indian hospitality culture. It is a huge task in which easy to implement the principles of simple Vaastu is accessible. It can be proven to be a market place by adding foreign tourists in the form of 'Indian Spirituality and Blessings', often associated with international travelers.

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Vastu for shops
Shop Vastu Structure
Two elements like adequate management and providing friendly services to customers, to be famous for any shop and to achieve success are not enough. Proper arrangement within proper construction and / or valuables and furniture store (showroom) is also mandatory. Vastu Shastra for shops, conforms the architecture of the house, thereby facilitating the flow of wealth in the shop and the experience of the customer becomes rich. Vastu is to remove the vulnerabilities related to Vastu in the shop / showroom for shops, and better sales, wealth and better arrival of customers, better customer-owner understanding etc. develops. Proper construction and scientific arrangement of products within the shop leads to the development of attractive aura and reputation on the customers.

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There are special principles related to Vastu for shops which are different from Vastu for houses. Vaastu experts change the structure on the basis of direction of direction, orientation, cash counter and other materials. Vastu enrichment materials are also available which remove the bad effects and prosperity in the business is inhabited. At present, more and more people understand the effectiveness and efficiency of Vastu and are choosing it.

Some Common Vastu Tips for Vastu for Shops
  1. The shop owner's seat should be in his preferred direction.
  2. The preferred interior plot of the store or showroom should be rectangular or square.
  3. There should be no noise in the main entrance of the shop and there should not be a lot of luggage around it.
  4. Statues of cash counter and goddesses should be kept on the basis of Vaastu Shastra for money.
  5. Keep your shop free of dust so that positive energy can be increased and affected customers.
There are many other Vaastu Tips available for shops based on the location of the shop and the basis of the structure, along with its owner's personality. Vast's principles related to the shops, along with their own Vastu methods, by simple Vastu are considered, so that the success and prosperity of the shop / showroom as well as the owner and the staff can be ensured.

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Vastu for industries

How will Vastu affect your industries?
Industry Vastu Structure 
In these difficult times of recession, Asian economies like Japan and other countries and European economies like Spain, Italy, where high inflation with low economic growth has become an ideal today. With the decreasing rate of inflation in India's economy, tremendous resurgent growth has been recorded, which has brought about all-round development in the lives of ordinary people of India. Globalization and free trade have become a trend in today's world, and India takes the lead in becoming the universal economic power in this case. Fast industrialization is the need and need of today's time.
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Industry Vastu 
The complete availability of infrastructure for the industry, such as place, source of unlimited and cheap power, accessible network of trains and roads, availability of raw materials and human resources, select such a place, want to earn good profits for their development Those future industrialists should always keep this in mind to establish their new viable projects. Well established industrialists, large-scale industrialists establish large scale industrial units and save cost by using locally available resources to establish medium-to-small business enterprises. Both of them claim to be equal in business, but their views are different.
Vastu Concept is a good option for the industry of simple Vaastu, for new entrepreneurs who have to make their own industry around the world.


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