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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Hair care

Hair Care

Do these methods in winter with care of curly hair and curly hair
Soft Hair
  • It is difficult to take care of hair in winter.
  • It is very difficult to clean dry hair.
Welcome to the weather when cold and dry winds and cold temperatures are feeling together. The winter season is synonymous with dryness and therefore it is difficult to take care of hair in winter. The lack of humidity and temperature imbalance, cold outside the house and warm temperatures inside make the hair dry, frizzy and unbearable. It is very difficult to clean dry hair. Winters bring a party of parties and it is not only costly, but this season leads you to the salon, where your hair has to deal with all kinds of chemicals and instruments. This causes your hair to get worse. In such a way it is very important to take care of them, here we are telling you some tips that are beneficial for your hair.
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Use lukewarm water for hair
Use warm hot water to wash your hair, neither too hot nor too cold. It closes the scalp of the scalp, which causes dirt on the skin. This can be saved from the dirt on the scalp.

Avoid Hair Dryer
Do not use hair dryer to dry your hair. Intense heat from the hair dryer absorbs moisture from your hair follicles, which results in hair dry and sluggish. Repeated and long-term use of hair dryer can make your hair dry and rustic. Therefore, avoid using artificial heat to dry your hair and let your hair dry naturally.
Hair Care

Bananas and avocado masks

Make a ripe banana and two avocado paste. Apply this mask for 20-25 minutes on your scalp and then wash with mild shampoo. This hair mask will give your hair flexibility and moisture and will help to smooth the hair strand.

Rice, milk and honey paste

Rice, milk and honey paste are the most effective remedies of all time. All you have to do is to soak rice in water for about 15 minutes and then mix the rice water with milk and honey and paste it. Apply it for 10 to 20 minutes on your hair and then rub your hair with lukewarm water. This will increase the volume of your hair and strengthen the roots.
Hair Wash
Put oil on a regular basis
Applying oil on your hair is an old way to deal with stupidity during the cold months. Mix castor and coconut oil and massage it on your scalp. It soaks your scalps and increases blood circulation. Apart from this, it is very effective in fixing the Russian, which is one of the reasons for dryness.
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Avoid Hair Sticking In Winter
  • Skin glands produce more quantity of oil, then hair is sticky.
  • Due to the sticky hair, dust and soil are accumulated more.
  • If your hair is oily, then leave them one day and must wash away.

Some people's hair becomes very sticky in the winter season. If your hair becomes sticky too, you can make them soft and silky by taking care of some things. One reason for the viscosity of the hair is the dirt of the head and the other reason is that your skin glands produce more quantity of oil. Due to the sticky hair, dust and soil are more accumulated, which can also cause skin diseases and dandruff problems. Apart from this, the problem of hair loss can also increase due to the closure of the scales of scalp. Often, due to hormonal changes in stress or pregnancy, there may be a problem of stickiness in the hair. Let's tell you how you can make your hair silky.
Oily Hair
Cover the hair on the outside
The hair is very quickly damaged by sun and pollution. Dust and hair become dirty and oily. Therefore, use scarves or hats to protect hair from rays, dust, soil and pollution.

Take care while washing hair

First of all, if your hair is oily, leave them every day and wash them. Also, choose such shampoos that do not have moisturizers, otherwise the hair will be oily quickly. If your hair is more viscous then hair should always be washed with cold water. Instead of very hot water in winter, they can be taken with lukewarm water. Do not use conditioner in the head skin when there is oily hair.

Have a healthy diet for hair

The right amount of protein is essential for strengthening hair and keeping them healthy. Due to the lack of protein, the color of the hair starts to fade. They become lifeless and shining. Therefore, add enough amount of fish, egg, soybean, pulses and green vegetables to your diet.

It is necessary to trim hair

Trim Hair Hair From time to time. Do not always keep the hair open, but keep it open when you need it, it will not cause too much dirt in the hair and the hair will remain good. It is very important to take care of oily hair. Oily hair becomes very dirty, which often causes hair to be washed.

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Take care while taking a shower, will not harm hair
  • Do not care properly, hair is damaged.
  • Shampoo massage on scalp but not conditioner.
  • Excessive use of shampoo's conditioner will curb scalp.
To keep the hair shiny, bouncy and healthy, it is important that you take care of them properly. In the care of the hair, they are properly and properly washed and other things involved. It is often seen that while taking a shower you do many types of mistakes, due to which your hair becomes stale and lifeless and starts slowing down gradually. Let's tell you what is the right way to take a shower, so that your hair does not have any damage and hair always be healthy, shiny and silky
Hair Wash
Wash hair

The only way to wash hair properly is to wash hair from top to bottom. Tilt the neck downwards and pour water so that it falls straight down. This will remove shampoo from the hair quickly. Washing the hair with lukewarm water gives good results.

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Correct use of shampoo

Before washing hair, mix shampoo with lukewarm water. This will have less effect on chemicals on the skin. At the same time, the hair will be washed easily. In such cases there is no waste of shampoo. Use the same shampoo that suits your roots and hair. Specialty shampoos also come for dry, oily or dandruff skin and hair. Similarly, different shampoos are available for hair, curly hair and normal hair too.

Massage the shampoo till the roots

Do not leave shampoo only on the hair. While doing shampoo, circular massages of roots from the fingers of your fingers. Do not scrub the massage only, which will also clean the hair along with hair.

Not for conditioner scalp

Conditioner is good for hair but it is wrong to use it on the roots. Shampoo is also very important for roots too. Start the conditioner from the middle of the hair and apply it to the ends and leave it for a few minutes and then wash it off. Shampoo and conditioner should be used as much as necessary to wash hair. Actually, they both have chemicals. And they can weaken and curl the roots of your hair. Therefore, put shampoo and conditioner in the least quantity.
Comb Hair
Do not wet hair combs

Wet hair becomes weak and when it starts cutting the comb it breaks. Let hair dry and then comb. If the hair is washed late in the night, take it by sleeping first, make sure that the hair is completely dried. Wet hair is weak and after sleeping it can break down by changing your movements and movements.

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Use of castor oil to do this in the problem of hair loss, dandruff
Castor Oil
  • Due to pollution and stress, most people have a problem of hair fall.
  • Using castor oil, you get many benefits.
  • Massive humming makes the hair massage more advantageous.
The soft, silky and dense hair enhance your beauty. But nowadays, most people have a problem of hair fall due to food poisoning, pollution and stress. Many children also have problems like hair whiteness, hair fall and dandruff in very young age. You can use castor oil to avoid these problems. Using castor oil, ie castor oil daily, you get many benefits. Let's tell you what these advantages and how to use castor oil.

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Dandruff's problem

The main reason of dandruff is lack of moisture in the head. In such a case, castor oil can easily remove this problem. Usually, castor oil can be placed on such a head. But by lukewarm humming it gives a lot of benefit on massage in the hair. Apply oil before sleeping and wash hair with mild shampoo in the morning. Dandruff's problem will be solved. But keep in mind that if the oil becomes too hot, then let it cool down.
Hair Care

To make hair silk

Many times the hair becomes stale and lifeless. To make them silky, massage a few kiln oil in the hair before sleeping in the massage and then go to sleep. Before bathing in the morning, after dipping your towels in hot water, stir and then wrap your towel on it and attach it to your waist and leave it for a while. After some time you remove the towels and wash your hair properly with the shampoo while bathing. This will make your hair not only soft and silky but also dense.
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To prevent hair loss

Due to the falling hair, many people are upset. If you have too much hair, then take 2 spoons of castor oil in a bowl and mix it in a capsule of vitamin E. Put it in the head after mixing it well. After washing for 3-4 hours, wash it with mild shampoo. The problem of hair loss will be reduced by using 3-4 times.


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