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Monday, December 24, 2018



Before doing the morning walk in the winter, this work will get benefits.
Morning Walk

  • Regular walk is very important to avoid diseases.
  • It keeps you energized throughout the day and keeps your mind calm.
  • Do not do more than 15 minutes if you are going to walk for the first time.

Regular walk is very important to keep body fit and prevent diseases. Walking regularly is also a high class exercise. But if you are walking everyday, then you should be aware that at the time when exercising, your body will get the most benefit. Nowadays there is winter season. In this case, rules for walking during this period also change. According to doctors, blood circulation is low in veins during the morning, which can lead to heart attacks or brain attacks from running or hard exercise. It has been found in many researches that exercising in the morning is the most beneficial. This keeps you energetic throughout the day and your brain is also more active. Find out in detail in this article when it is better to walk.

Keep some things in mind

  • Get out of the house after sunlight
  • If you fog in the morning then do not go on the walk
  • Keep the body fully covered.
  • Wear shoes and socks in the legs.
  • Little children escaped from taking the walk along with them.

Avoid Hard Exercise.

  • Exercise Lightweight
  • Obesity victims avoid the morning walk
  • People with heart problems avoid going to the morning walk.

Diseases of Heart Disease

Doctors say that more cases of heart attack are increased in the winter. Because of the decrease of physical activity due to cold and cholesterol-rich diarrhea, it is cleft in the arteries. Which increases the risk of heart attack or disease. Dr. says that cold water is also drunk, due to which the nerves in the winter starts to increase, the likelihood of heart attack increases.

Do such defenses

Instead of having morning walk, go to the morning walk after seven o'clock in the morning, wear warm clothes, cap on the head, gloves in the hands and wear sashes in the feet, make hot food, and women use hot water in their domestic activities. Along with this, heart patients should not exercise early in winter. In winter, there is moisture in the atmosphere and this moisture is more dangerous.

Benefits of Walking

  • To keep the body temperature normal, you should drink more water, so drink a glass of water before and after the walk.
  • Choose a quiet place to walk Where there is greenery around, there is a natural beauty (garden-garden) or open space all around.
  • People with heart problems, high BP or some other problem should definitely consult your doctor before starting the walk.
  • Always keep speed slow and fast at the start and end of the walk. Do not happen, start the walk fast and sit tired only after a while. Start the walk slowly.
  • Your shoes are comfortable at the time of walking, so that there is no problem while walking. Shoes should not be too tight or let loose. It should be easy to rotate the legs
  • Do warm-up before the walk. This increases blood circulation in the muscles. It also decreases the risk of muscle injury.


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