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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Vastu tips for home

Vaastu Tips For Pooja Home.

Pooja or worship house in any house or office is an important and sacred corner. It is a place of meditation and peace. Pooja room situated in any part of the house is considered good, but if it is located according to Vastu, then this room increases the energy consumed by the devotees. Following the Vaastu Tips for the Pooja Room, you can increase the positive energy in the entire environment of the house. Ideally, the northeast corner which is called Ishaan Kona is the best area to build a room of worship. It is said that when the Vaastu Purush was lying on the ground, his head was in the north-east direction. From this direction, the sun's rays purify the atmosphere and inspire us for the whole day. However, due to the construction of the house and direction of the home owner's birth date, this direction may vary. But there is no need to worry because Vaastu has the remedy for all the defects in the worship room.

Vastu tips for the pooja room.

  • Can the room of worship be located in front of the main entrance? According to Vaastu, there should not be a room of worship before the main entrance, because it reduces the positivity created in the room of the worship.
  • The room of the worship should not be dark. The room of worship in your house is God's house and it should never be dark. Having a dark room in the worship room has an effect on the health of the whole house, therefore, at least in this room, it is necessary to have a lamp of oil.
  • Do not place the room of the pooja in the sleeping room because the bedroom has a room of comfort and tranquility. Toilets should not be located on the top or opposite of the room of worship. By this, negative energy of the toilet spoil the pleasant atmosphere of the worship room.


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