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Sunday, December 23, 2018



Yoga is the most effective and beneficial solar eclipse. Surya Namaskar increases the flow of eyes and blood flow, blood pressure and weight decreases. Surya Namaskar gets rid of many diseases.

Surya Namaska ​​is the best in yoga. Actually, the sun is the sum total of 12 postures. With its practice, the seeker's body is rigorous in health and well-being. In these currencies, the body is stretched completely from the waist to the front and back. 12 mantras are followed while doing these currencies. It causes oxygen circulation throughout the body and blood flow is good. Blood pressure is comfortable, weight loss. Surya Namaskar gets rid of many diseases. Let's learn about these 12 postures.

Surya Namaskar is started by Pranam Mudra. To do this, first of all, stand in the posture of caution and lift both of your arms parallel to the shoulder and move both the palms upwards. Stick to the next part of the hands, then put the hands in the same position in the same position and move towards the bottom and stand in the posture of Namaskar.

Stretching the two hands close to the ears while breathing, stretching towards the back and tilting the sides and neck bending backwards towards the back. During this posture, deep and long breath increases lung capacity. Apart from this, heart health is maintained by its practice. The whole body, the lungs, the brain receive high amounts of oxygen.


Slowly exhale in the third stage and bow down forward. In this posture we hold the toe of our toes with both hands, and the ankles of the foot are also caught. Since this seat is held by holding hands with hands, it is called pahastahasta. This seat is done by standing up.


The feet of the feet should remain standing while doing this mudra. To do this posture, take the right foot backwards while keeping your hands on the ground while breathing. Then lift the neck up and down the chest. The spine should be straight and vertical for this should not be bowed while practicing this asana.


To do this posture, sit in Padmasana on the ground. Take the left foot slowly moving out of breath, too. Keep in mind that the edges of your two legs may be found together. Raise the buttocks so that the whole body remains on the strength of both knees. Stretch the body backwards and bend the neck with the ankles mixed on the ground.


While breathing in this situation, bow to the body equally, and put knee, chest and chin on the ground. Lean the thighs up slightly while raising the thighs.


In this situation, slowly filling the breath, straighten the hands while pulling the chest forward. Take the neck backwards so that the knees touch the ground and keep the feet clawed. It is also called Bhujangasan.

Make a currency like fifth position. In this, gradually pushing the breath out, leaving the right foot behind. The two leg bridges are mixed together. Stretch the body backwards and try to mix the anterooms on the ground. Raise buttocks up as high as possible.


In this situation, make a currency like the fourth position. Fill the breath and move the left leg backwards. Drag the chest to the front. Tilt the neck more backward Stretch the stern straight straps on the back and the claw of the foot stands up. Stay awake for some time in this situation.

Lean back and forth in the third position and slowly bend forward. The hands should be touched by the neck and ears and on the left-hand side of the feet touch the ground. Keep in mind that the knee should be straight and touch the forehead knees. Stay in this situation for a few moments.


This situation is similar to the second position. While remaining in the second posture, lift both hands up and down while breathing. In this situation, move the hands backwards and tilt the back of the neck and waist too, that is, in the posture of semiconductor.

This situation is like the first one, ie the currency of Namaskar. After twelve postures again stand in the state of relaxation. Now do this posture again. Surya Namaskar should be done 4-5 times in the beginning and gradually increase it to 12-15.


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