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Monday, December 24, 2018

Malasana benefits


Relieves the problem of pain in constipation, acidity and bowel movements.

  • Some people are not able to clean the stomach even after sitting in the restroom for hours.
  • Problems like acidity, indigestion, heart burn, constipation are troubling everyone.
  • Allergic diseases are overcome by the practice of Malasana.

Nowadays, stomach problems have increased in people due to foodborne stress, stress and lifestyle. According to a research, out of every 10 people living in cities, there is a problem of constipation. You are also sometimes troubled by problems like acidity, indigestion, heart burn, constipation. Many people have to face a lot of pain in bowel movement and the stomach is not cleared even after sitting in the restroom for hours. Masonry fixes all these problems in jumps. All the diseases related to stomach are removed from the practice of Malasana and it is easy during bowel movement. Malasana is a panacea for constipation patients. Let's tell you what is the method of this posture and its benefits.

How do Malasana

  • To do Malasana, first sit down and kneel in the state of bowel movement.
  • After sitting sit down on both knees to the side of both of your hands.
  • Now, join the palms of both hands, make a Namaskar currency.
  • Now breathe slowly and leave, you have to sit in this state for some time.
  • Now slowly rise back while opening the hanto.
Hips makes joints flexible

Malasana helps in maintaining flexibility in hip joints. This flexibility is available to us all at birth, but it decreases with age. Hip joint is called the center of emotions. So if your hip joints are strong, then your control over your emotions will increase.

There is a panacea for constipation.

Constipation can get rid of all stomach problems with Malasana. To get rid of problems like chronic constipation, stomach ache and acidity, we take medicines, which provides relief for some time, but after some time these problems surround us. But by doing regular masseur you can get rid of constipation problem. Malasana means that the seat in which we sit while bowing is referred to as Malasana.

Other benefits of Malasana

  • By doing massage, the stomach and waist are of great benefit
  • By regularizing it, you get rid of the problem of gas and constipation.
  • Waist, knee, spinal muscles become flexible.
  • The pain of knees, joints, back and stomach is lessened by Malasana.
  • Stomach fat is far away


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