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Saturday, December 22, 2018

Vastu Shastra


Vastu is a science in which improving the overall health of the human race by using positive energy of structures and premises, and there is no place other than its own home where it is followed. Apart from the people living in the house, Vastu is a component that makes the house a house. Home is the hallmark of our personality and the place where we exist. Therefore, Vastu should follow the house and every household in the house. Regardless of your religion, caste or beliefs, once you experience Vastu tips for the home, you will understand that it is a science that works in a subtle way. Although, according to definition, the house is such a place where God and man live, and to make it so convenient for the happiness and reconciliation of both of them, it is really an art.

  • Is your home published well? Avoid dim light in any room, in dark corners and in the evening because it expands negative energy in the house. Particularly dark darkness represents energy. If your home is not published well then members of your family will be witness to frustration.
  • Is there any broken mirror in your house? Avoid broken bits in the house because it attracts negative energy in the house. If the mirror is used according to Vaastu, then it has the power to reflect the positive and attracts unimaginable bliss. However, the broken mirror invites additional misfortune.
  • Is there good or bad place to worship around the house? According to Vaastu, there should not be any temple, church or mosque in front of or near the house because it attracts negative energy. Financially there is no harm in it but residents may have to face health related controversy and mental stress. Vastu is not stopped for people living around temples of some deities.
  • Is your house clean? Always keep your home clean and orderly (chaotic) which attracts positive energy. The natural tendency of people to live in clean places is that they feel happy.
  • Why is the recommendation of putting a mirror in the dining room? Because it attracts positivity and it is considered a symbol of food and doubling of wealth.


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