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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

benefits of banana shake

Benefits of banana shake

Both milk and banana are extremely nutritious and delicious food. There are plenty of useful nutrients in them. As a result of this you will get many health benefits. Let's tell you the benefits of making milk shake.

To lose weight
You are eagerly waiting for a particular day of the year. You want to wear a special dress that day, but the problem arises here. That dress does not fit you what happened? You got depressed? How would you remove Extra Flab from your body so that the dress can fit you? Let us tell you. This can help you-Make Milk Diet I.e. milk and banana. Yes, milk and banana diets can reduce your weight.

As a diet
In 1934, Dr. George Harrop created the milk-banana diet program for the first time. The idea behind this diet plan is how to get healthy even after taking less calories. Every two bananas and one cup of fat are taken in this diet program. Banana can be eaten before or after milk Or you can drink even after making a smoozy Just be a lot of water together This will take you one thousand calories a day.

Acne prevention
How can we lose weight by using banana-milk diet? Apart from this, it has many advantages. This makes the skin very beneficial and starts scars of acne. It is also an effective way to whiten teeth. It enhances your beauty, that too by natural means

Completes the supply of vitamins and nutrients
If you avoid banana consumption that it is the fruit of the sick then after knowing its benefits and nutrients, you will change your opinion. Vitamins A, B, C and E in banana, Minerals, Potassium, Zinc, Iron etc. are many nutrients which will give you these great benefits associated with health.

Reduce cholesterol
Fat free milk means that there is less fat content in slim milk, which means it is a good diet to reduce cholesterol. There is no fat in the cream without milk, but the rest are essential nutrients. Protein in creamy milk makes the muscles strong. If you consume skimmed milk after exercise, it will strengthen the muscles. Apart from this, the body also gets the necessary energy to repair the breakdown in the cells due to its intake.

As a source of energy
When banana and milk are consumed, the body gets plenty of protein, vitamins, fiber and mineral, without any fat. The nutrition that comes from this diet is enough to give energy to the body for three to four days.

Keep this thing in mind
When you take a banana-milk diet, you may feel weak because of sudden calorie intensity. However, this weakness is not so much that it can not be handled. If you still feel that there is weakness then you can take a normal meal and take two time and milk. Even then your calories will decrease. Apart from this, women should not take these diets during menstrual period because their iron needs are not met.

How often should one take in a day
Every banana contains 100 calories. At the same time, one cup of milk contains more than 80 calories. So if you take this diet three times in a day, then you will take around 900 calories. Which is very good according to the weight loss.


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