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Saturday, December 22, 2018



Relieves back pain, neck pain and stress and brings glow on the face.
  • In this posture you have to sit in the lion's state.
  • Regular practice of this posture also weakens the eyes.
  • Your eyes, face and neck are exercised with the throne.
Some people are complaining of back and neck pain for a long time. Such pain, which are not easily cured, can be cured by yoga. Actually if you consume a pain medicine, these medicines only suppress the pain, while not stab at its root. By Yogasons the system of the body starts functioning properly, hence you get long term relief. The throne is very beneficial in the back pain, neck pain and pain in other parts of the body. Apart from this regular practice of this posture also weakens the eyes. Let's tell you how you can make the throne.

The throne, as the name suggests, is in this position you have to sit in the lion's position. Your eyes, face and neck are exercised with the throne. It causes oxygen and blood circulation in the body properly. From which you keep tight. Asana gives you peace of mind and less stress. But knowing the right way to do the throne is very important.


  • To make the throne, first sit down on your feet and mix it together.
  • Then place the right hand on the right knee and the left hand on the left knee.
  • . Take long breath and then leave the breath by mouth.
  • Now bow down to the neck and place the chin under the throat. If you have pain in the neck then you can bow without neck.
  • . Do the process of breathing and leaving two to five times.
  • See with both eyes in such a way that the eyes of both eyes remain between the eyebrows.
  • After this, open your mouth and remove the tongue in the same condition.
  • The spinal cord should be straightforward. By doing this asana, the spinal cord is strong.

With the practice of the throne, your memory is well. This posture removes the stress of your chest and face. Apart from this, the oxygen flow in this body is properly done. Due to good embrace of the throat, it provides relief in any throat infection and the sound is clear. The throne gives you rest in asthma. This posture brings a strain on your face muscles that is a good exercise for the face.


The throne is a good exercise for eyes, eyes keep healthy. This eliminates the problem of eye vein weakness. Facial wrinkles are removed from the throne, hence it is also called Anti Aging Asana.


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