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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Bedroom vastu tips

Bedroom vastu tips

Bedroom Vastu Tips
Being in the house of Vaastu is important for living a stress free life. Vaastu tips should definitely be followed for the bedroom for peace and peace in relationships. Vaastu is important for building and maintaining relationships in the bedroom, and therefore experts of Vaastu inspect the house's bedroom closely. In the olden days where every house used to have enough room to keep furniture and other items, while in today's time there is a shortage of space in homes, which causes disorder. This is especially true for cities and villages. A chaotic-free sleeping room ensures the flow of free energy. If the Vastu of the sleeping room is fair, then it helps to maintain harmonious relationship between couple. Another reason for the architectural significance of sleeping room is that after coming out of work all day, people come here to relax and sleep. If Vastu is fair, people wake up with new enthusiasm in the morning to face problems.

  • Can the aquarium be placed in the sleeping room? According to Vaastu, it is best not to leave the aquarium in the sleeping room. However, because of seeing the fish floating in the aquarium, there is relief in stress, but if keeping the same aquarium in the bedroom, the husband becomes the source of tension between the wife.
  • Which pictures should be avoided in the gold room? Water should not be placed in the bedroom. Find out more about setting up ideal images in our sleeping room with our architectural experts.
  • Bed size should be regularly and any irregular shape should be avoided. Irregular size bed affects not only the pattern of sleep patterns but also disrupts the arrangement of furniture around it.


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