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Thursday, July 11, 2019

Benefits of Coriander।Radish।Spinach juice। Sprouted grains।

Benefits of Coriander।Radish।Spinach juice।

Use green coriander to control blood sugar and cholesterol.


Use green coriander to control blood sugar and cholesterol.

Green coriander does not only enhance the beauty or taste of the vegetable or the food but it is also very beneficial for your health. Coriander leaves are also used as chutneys. Not only does your stomach, eyes and skin remain well. Coriander has several antioxidants. In addition, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, vitamin C, fiber and magnesium are found in abundance, and these nutrients are helpful in keeping the diseases away. Let's know how beneficial your health is for coriander.

Helps in controlling blood sugar

Coriander has the ability to control blood sugar. Coriander powder reduces the level of sugar by the body and increases the amount of insulin. For this reason, blood sugar in the body is always in control. Therefore, it can be beneficial for diabetic patients too.

Pimples and wrinkles can get rid of.

If your face is acne then coriander can be beneficial for you. For this, mixing coriander leaves and mixing turmeric powder with pinch, place face on least 2 times in the day. This eliminates the problem of acne and also removes the blackheads. Coriander leaves, runs away wrinkles. Among them, antioxidant is in great quantity. Therefore, by applying it, the scars of the face are removed from the face.

Helpful in eating food

Green Coriander troubles the stomach, it increases digestion. Drink freshly mixed leaves of buttermilk in buttermilk and get relief in nausea and colitis. Green coriander and green chillies make rest from the stomachache due to indigestion. Drinking two teaspoons of coriander in half glass water and drinking it is cheerful with stomach ache.

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It is beneficial to treat diabetes, BP and hemorrhoids radish, learn its benefits

It is beneficial to treat diabetes, BP and hemorrhoids radish, learn its benefits

Who does not know about ordinary radish sold in the market, but do you know how beneficial it has on your health impact. You can get rid of radish-rich medicinal properties in your diet and stay away from many diseases, including diabetes, blood pressure. Actually, radish contains plenty of protein, vitamins A, vitamin-B, C, iron, iodine, calcium, sulfur, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, and all nutrients together improve your health and make you sick. Keep away from

High BP can get rid of

Radish is beneficial for people with high BP because the anti-hypertensive properties present in it help in controlling hypertension. Potassium is also found in the radish, which makes the balance of the proportion of sodium-potassium in our body, which keeps our blood pressure balanced.

Hemorrhoids are beneficial in radish

If you are suffering from hemorrhagic disease, by making a vegetable of raw radish or radish leaves, you get a lot of benefit in fighting disease. In addition to jaundice, you wake up in the morning and eat a raw radish that will give you relief. Along with this, drinking half a glass of radish juice removes irritation and pain with urine.

Radish removes yellowing of teeth

If you are worried about teeth problems or yellowing, then cut the radish into small pieces and rub it on the teeth by adding lemon juice. Apart from this, instead of rubbing them, chew and spit for a while, it will reduce the yellowing of your teeth. Persons disturbed by pyreia can also relax with radish intake. You can make radishes 2-3 times a day with radish juice. Rinse with radish juice, rub on the gums-teeth and drinking is very beneficial for teeth.

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Spinach juice
Spinach juice
Spinach juice

Drink spinach juice, body will meet these tremendous benefits

The spinach is counted among the most nutritious vegetables. A lot of minerals, vitamins and many types of nutrients are found in abundance in spinach leaves. Drinking juice of more than eating spinach as a vegetable is beneficial. Vitamin A, C, E, K and B complex in spinach juice are found in good quantity. In addition, manganese, carotene, iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, thiamine, folate, phosphorus and essential amino acids are also found. All these elements not only keep you healthy, but also help to save the body from many major diseases.

Guardian from High Blood Pressure Will Save

Carotene and chlorophyll present in the spinach are helpful in preventing cancer. Research suggests that green leafy spinach is helpful in preventing breast cancer. The spinach is also good for eye-light. To keep the digestion process correct, it is advisable to drink spinach juice. Potassium is also found in good amounts, which is very beneficial for people with high blood pressure.

Spinach helps to detox the body

The spinach juice is helpful in expelling the toxic substances of the body. Apart from this, if you have problems of constipation, it will also be beneficial for you. Spinach contains good amount of vitamins and calcium. In this way, drinking your spinach juice will make your bones strong enough. It also reduces the possibility of arthritis in body joints such as arthritis, osteoporosis helps.

Spinach juice is beneficial for skin and hair

If you have any problems associated with the skin, drinking spinach juice will be very beneficial for you. Vitamin A and C are found in spinach juice. Vitamin C helps fight the free radicals of the body, causing your skin to remain till the longevity and signs of old age are not immediately noticed. Vitamin A is very beneficial for hair and eyes. Therefore, drinking your spinach juice always keeps your skin fertile and youthful.

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Benefits of consuming sprouts in morning breakfast

Sprouted grains are considered very good for health. Sprouted grains are rich in nutrients, therefore, to keep healthy, sprouted grains should be consumed. After germination of grains, its components increase the level of vitamins including vitamins and vitamins. Apart from this, the quantity of protein increases also, and the time for cooking beans is reduced. During the germination process, some stored starch in the beans is used for the preparation of small leaves and roots and in the preparation of vitamin C.

You should also know about the benefits of sprouted grains. It is important for you to know whether the germinated grains are rich in calories or not. Not only this, you should also know that whether you can lose weight through germinated grains or not. So let's know what the benefits of sprouted grains are.

Know the benefits of nutrients present in sprouted grains.

Generally, germinated grains should be done in the form of snacks. You should have breakfast. In this way, if you have breakfast with sprouts, you will be benefited greatly. Not only this, if you eat soybeans, black gram, moong dal, months, etc., then the amount of nutrients present in these food items will be doubled.

Eating sprouts will keep your stomach problems away. By eating fibrous fibrous sprouts, your digestive system becomes stronger.

Sprouted grains are rich in antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C, E. Not only this, there are nutritious ingredients such as phosphorus, iron, calcium, zinc and magnesium. From the antioxidant where the person's immune system is strong, calcium gets strength in the bones. Iron is helpful in increasing the amount of hemoglobin in the blood. Other nutrients are effective in keeping the person healthy and fit.

Grains are very low in calories, which are very beneficial for obese people. Not only those who do not want their weight to rise, they can also sprout grains.

These dirty habits are made due to acne on the face and forehead, Learn how to stop acne

These dirty habits are made due to acne on the face and forehead, Learn how to stop acne


Are you also troubled by the acne on your face? It is seen in most people that in every interval of a few days, one or two pimples will definitely come out on their face. For which they have to hide the nail and acne on their face from their hair. Not only that, acne on the face is often painful or painful. To get rid of pimples, many people change their creams or adopt some medicines or some prescriptions. From which you get a little help but this problem can not get rid of. Let us tell you today that some of your habits can also be responsible for your problem.

Makeup brush

If you use makeup brushes for everyday makeup, it is important to clean your make-up brushes regularly to avoid any problems. Because if you use the same brush on a daily basis, then bacteria, dirt and oil accumulate in it, which causes pimples in the face. So you should wash your makeup brushes with the help of a make-up brush cleaner.

Hair products

If you use any kind of hair stylist products on your hair, try to cover your face and neck. Hairspray or any other hair product can cause pimples on your face by falling on your skin or coming in contact.

Pillow cover

If you are lazy to change your bed sheet or pillow cover, then you also know that it can also cause acne in your face. Yes, because many bacteria are accumulated due to sweat, dirt on your pillow and bed sheet, which, when exposed to skin, produces pimples, itching and ridges in your face. Make sure you change your pillow cover and bed sheet once or twice a week to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Your dirty hands

Yes, your habit of touching your face over and over again can be a big reason for your problem. If you have such a habit then change it immediately. Because many bacteria are stored in your hands while working on a computer or doing any other paperwork or other work, and if you touch your face repeatedly in such a situation, then your face may have pimples. So do not forget to wash your hands before putting food or face on the face.

Screen time might be harmful for toddlers: Study
Grains and acne on the back are upset

It can be difficult for you to deal with acne at any age. If you are thinking that your age of acne has passed, then this is your misconception, you need to think about it again. The main reasons for acne include genetic, bad diet, i.e. excessive consumption of fatty acids, working conditions with high humidity, excessive perspiration, excessive stress and supplements, especially high dose of vitamin B complex

Get rid of Dandruff

Experts say that Dandruff is basically a fungal infection. Dandruff gets deposited due to seabs deposited in the head skin. At the same time, glenge is also found on the back and fungal infection takes place through your head, causing acne. Therefore, remove Dandruff to reduce your chances of infection on your back.

Diet Effect

Lowering intake of saturated fat can help in getting rid of back acne. This means that avoiding fast food. Drinks containing high concentrations of caffeine such as coffee, aerated drinks and red bull should also be consumed. Drinking 10 to 12 glasses of water will help in reducing oil secretion and decrease in acne.

Keep the back sweat free

If your hair is long, then make sure to tie them while doing workouts. The combination of both long hair and sweating can cause problems in the gland, which can cause acne on the back. Experts recommend wearing sweat-resistant clothing while doing workouts. Also, after workout, take bath and anti-acne soap should be used immediately.

Vitamin A benefits।Vitamin A sources।Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits।Vitamin B6 benefits।।Vitamin B6 sources
If you have pimples on the lips then these easy remedies will be okay
Aloe vera gel

Aloe vera is a boon for skin and it cures most problems related to skin. The use of aloe vera gel stops the growth of pimples and it gets cured. Also, the use of pimple stains, spots on the skin are also cured. For this, cut a small piece of a leaf of fresh aloe vera and peel it to its outer cover and take out its gel and apply it on the lips of the lips, it gets better soon.


Turmeric is also beneficial for the body along with the skin. If the pimples are coming out on the lips and face then mix two or three rose rose water in a small turmeric and place it on a pimple place. In two or three days, the pimples begin drying and they get cured. After keeping this turmeric paste for 15-20 minutes, wash the face with water. Turmeric helps in fixing stains from pimples.


Honey has the properties of fighting harmful bacteria. Actually the use of honey reduces the pH level of the skin and bacteria can not survive at low pH level. Along with this, honey is also drying the skin's pimples. For its use, mix two or three drops of organic honey in a pinch of turmeric and apply it on the pimples of the lips. If you want you can only apply honey. By applying two to three times a day, these pimples will be completely cured within 2-3 days.


The use of tomatoes can also be relieved by the lips and skin pimples. Tomatoes contain organic acids that kill harmful bacteria and jerks. Apart from this, tomato contains vitamin C, which helps in the production of new skin cells in place of skin cells that have been damaged skin due to the presence of pimples. For this experiment, grind a small tomato and put it in a pimple place along with pulp. After drying for 10 minutes, wash the face with water. Pimples are cured by adopting this remedy twice or thrice a day.


Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Watermelon benefits।Watermelon benefits for skin। Watermelon benefits weight loss

Watermelon Benefits 

Watermelon benefits।Watermelon benefits for skin। Watermelon benefits weight loss
Watermelon was first cultivated in China and Egypt about 1000 years ago. But now, in 44 out of 50 states it is cultivated and watermelon is grown throughout the world. It is particularly large in appearance and juicy to eat. The outer peel of watermelon is green and hard, which is not usually consumed, while the watermelon is soft, red or pink in color, in which there are many seeds, it is the part of the watermelon that is eaten.

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We know watermelon as a delicious fruit, but do you know that watermelon is also very nutritious? Watermelon, which gives us the feeling of coolness in the heat, does not only give us the ability to fight with many diseases, but also protects them from them. Watermelon is a very good source of carbohydrate, protein, fiber and vitamin C, vitamin A and vitamin B. Important minerals such as iron, calcium, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus are also contained in it. So let's also learn some health benefits of the delicious and nutritious fruit of this summer.

Watermelon juice for hypertension

Watermelon contains potassium, magnesium and amino acids which keep blood vessels healthy and ensure blood flow. Potassium is considered a vasodilator, which produces stress on blood vessels and arteries, stimulates blood flow and reduces stress on cardiovascular system. Carotenoids present in these fruits inhibit the walls of the artery and the hardening of the veins, thereby reducing the possibility of blood pressure, stroke, heart attack and atherosclerosis in the body.

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According to a study by the Florida State University teachers, watermelon has been able to control high BP in very obese people, even if the person is stress-free or stress-stricken. Drink a glass of watermelon juice daily and keep high blood pressure in control.

Watermelon benefits।Watermelon benefits for skin
Healthy Eye
Benefits of Watermelon Eating Improve Eye Health

Due to being a good source of beta carotene, Watermelon helps in maintaining the health of eyes. The mixture of lycopene and vitamin A provides protection against many eye-related diseases - problems related to degeneration, night blindness, cataract and other age. Watermelon helps in the production of pigments in the retina and it also keeps different types of infections away. Eating a cup of watermelon daily improves overall health.

Watermelon Properties Keep the Heart Healthy

Watermelon contains good amounts of potassium which makes it a very beneficial fruit for the heart. Regardless of this, citrine and arginine also regulate blood vessels and blood flow. It is also helpful in reducing cholesterol. According to a study of University of Purdue and Kentucky, eating melon improves overall cardiovascular health. It has all the features that are necessary for a healthy heart diet.

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Advantages of Watermelon for Lu

Watermelon helps reduce both body temperature and blood pressure. Many people consume this fruit during the summer, thereby reducing the risk of them becoming lu. The water inside the watermelon is present in high volume, which extends excess fluid out of the body in the form of sweat and cools your body during the summer days.

The skin is fresh to eat watermelon

Water content is very high in melon and flavonoids and carotenoids help in retaining skin tension, apart from it, it is helpful to keep wrinkles away for long periods of time.

Prevention of asthma

The risk of developing asthma is less in those who consume a higher amount of nutrients. One of these nutrients is Vitamin C which is found in Watermelon.


Watermelon is a good source of strong antioxidant vitamin C and other antioxidants, it helps to combat the formation of free radicals considered to be cancerous. In many studies, consumption of lycopene has been associated with prostate cancer prevention.

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Beneficial in weight loss

Watermelon is the best fruit to lose weight. The element called citrulline in watermelon is helpful in reducing fat from the body. This reduces fat-making cells. The excessive amount of water in watermelon can be an excellent option during dieting. Watermelon also contains vitamins and minerals.
Watermelon benefits।Watermelon benefits for skin।
Beautiful Skin and hair
Skin and hair

Sufficient intake of vitamin C is essential for the production and maintenance of collagen. It provides structure for skin and hair. Watermelon helps to hydrate the body, which is important for keeping skin and hair healthy.

Strengthens the immune system

Vitamin C is found in abundance in watermelon. Vitamin C strengthens our body's resistance, so that we keep away from fever and infection.

Beneficial for eyes

Regular consumption of it is extremely beneficial for the eyes. The presence of beta carotene and vitamin A in watermelon is good for eye health. Its use helps in preventing diseases such as night blindness and cataract.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Vitamin A benefits।Vitamin A sources।Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits।Vitamin B6 benefits।।Vitamin B6 sources

How beneficial is the use of Vitamin E

Vitamin E is filled with properties

Pure vitamin E oil is very useful. Vitamin E helps in oil healing and is very beneficial for skin, nails and health. Vitamin E is an antioxidant which reduces the effect of aging. It must be included in the daily diet. Vitamin E oil is easily found in the market. You can use it as a liquid or a capsule. Along with this, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds are also good sources of vitamin E.

Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits
Wrinkles Skin
Keeps wrinkles away

Wrinkles come to the face for a variety of reasons. Bad skin, not taking proper care of the skin, smoking and excessive alcohol consumption also causes wrinkles on the face. Vitamin E helps prevent wrinkles to prevent radial damage. Vitamin E increases the production of collagen, which does not cause wrinkles. Collagen tissue works like elastic in the skin. Vitamin E oil also helps in the formation of new cells of the skin and also helps in keeping them healthy.
Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits
Beauty Skin
Night treatment

Vitamin E oil also gives skin essential nutrition and he heal also as an antioxidant. However, pure vitamin E does not have the right moisturizer for the skin because it is very thick and sticky. Applying Vitamin E face to face is very beneficial while sleeping at night. This gives your skin plenty of time to healing and protecting. Mixing olive oil with vitamin E gives your skin great benefits. Olive oil contains oleric acid, which helps to maintain the natural moisture of your skin. The skin looks beautiful and soft.

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Removes scars.

Skin is a part of the skin that emerges on the skin due to burning, old wounds and surgery. Pure Vitamin E proves useful in removing and protecting them. It helps in preventing free radicals by going within the skin. Free-radicals are especially dangerous for scars because they are helpful in preventing the healing process. Strong anti oxidants present in Vitamin E work to increase the production of collagen, so that scar can not reach the skin surface. And the skin looks healthy and good.

Burnt wounds

Vitamin E has amazing ability to heal wounds. There is the ability to heal the small lesions caused by burning. Apply oil containing vitamin E to the affected area of the skin. Massage this oil with light hands. In a few days the wounds are completely cured. Keep this in mind that apply this oil only when that part of the skin has cooled down.

Keeps skin cancer away

Vitamin E oil is also very helpful in protecting against skin cancer. Those people who spend a lot of time in the sunlight for their day, if they get four to five drops of Vitamin E oil in their sunscreen when they get out of the house, they have a great advantage.

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Benefits in Eczema and Psoriasis

Vitamin E oil is also helpful in removing many diseases. Applying vitamin E oil on the infected portion of the skin twice a day helps in the removal of skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema. Massage of vitamin E oil twice a day is good.
Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits
Beneficial to the heart

Due to the therapeutic strengths of Vitamin E, it can be included in its diet. By eating vitamin E, the heart remains healthy. And healthy heart i.e. healthy and long life Cholesterol is not stored in the arteries due to this oil. Bad cholesterol deposits in the arteries have a bad effect on the heart. And the heart is unable to supply the whole blood. This also increases the risk of heart attack. Vitamin E helps in eliminating bad cholesterol and helps keep the arteries healthy and smooth.

Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits

For Vitamin E : Green vegetables should eat

Consuming green vegetables is very beneficial. Green vegetables are rich in vitamins, proteins and minerals, and vitamin E is rich in them. It strengthens the body's resistance. Leafy green vegetables and vegetarian food are beneficial for proper development of the body. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia. Iron is abundant in green vegetables. This protects the person from anemia. There is about 2.1 mg vitamin E in 100 g spinach. Make sure to include spinach in the meal.
Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits

For Vitamin E : Dry fruits

A lot of vitamins and minerals are found in dry fruits. Due to these, deaths from cancer and cardiovascular diseases can be reduced to a great extent. Obesity problems also do not bother people who regularly eat nuts. Vitamin E also contains plenty of vitamins. The best almonds for vitamin E should be consumed. To keep healthy, eat almonds daily. Almonds contain enough amounts of protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. There is 26.2 mg vitamin E in 100 grams almonds.
Vitamin E sources।Vitamin E benefits

For Vitamin E : Sunflower seeds

The amount of vitamin E in sunflower seeds is very high. Among these, atherosclerosis protects our body from diseases like osteoarthritis and cancer. Apart from this Suraj Mukhi's seeds help in reducing fat and act as antioxidants in the body. 100 g of sunflower seeds contains 36.3 milligrams of vitamins. Sunflower vitamin E is good source.

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For Vitamin E : Fish

Fish is considered the best source of Vitamin E. Rainbow trout contains 100 grams of fish, 2.8 mg of vitamin E in the flesh. Other fishes also have plenty of vitamin E. Omega-3 fatty acids present in the fish are associated with aging, 35 percent of the risk of dying from heart diseases is 35 percent less.

Vitamin A source, advantages and disadvantages

Vitamin A is very important for the human body. Vitamin A is very beneficial in maintaining eye brightness, muscle strength, increase in bone mass and calcium levels in blood. Vitamin A is fat-soluble vitamin. Vitamin A is usually found in two forms of retinoid and carotenoids.

Vitamin A is very important for our body, which is mainly found in vitamins found in fruits and vegetables. Due to the abundance of carotenoids in fruits and vegetables, the color of the vegetables is dark and shiny. Vitamins help to move all the organs of our body smoothly. Vitamin A is found in excessive amounts in many fruits and vegetables which is very beneficial for our body.
Good sources of vitamin A are carrot, beet, turmeric, sweet potato, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, coriander, nuts, fruits yellow or orange, fruits, mangoes, pubescents, cheeks, paneer , Mustard, rajma, beans, egg etc. All of them are found in
appropriate amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A benefits।Vitamin A sources
Green Vegetable 

Sources of Vitamin A 

Good sources of vitamin A are carrot, beet, turmeric, sweet potato, peas, tomatoes, broccoli, pumpkin, whole grains, green leafy vegetables, coriander, nuts, fruits yellow or orange, fruits, mangoes, pubescents, cheeks, paneer , Mustard, rajma, beans, egg etc. All of them are found in appropriate amount of vitamin A.

Vitamin A benefits।Vitamin A sources

Benefits of Vitamin A

Vitamins are very important for healthy body. The use of vitamin A increases our eyesight and strengthens the eyes muscles too. It produces pigments in the retina of the eye. Vitamin A is an antioxidant. Antioxidants work to protect body cells from harmful effects of free radicals.

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Damage from taking a high amount of vitamin A

Taking the amount of excess Vitamin A can be harmful, there may be problems like headache, diarrhea, hair fall, difficulty in seeing, fatigue, skin damage, pain in bone and joint, damage to the heart, and menstrual menstrual cycle. During pregnancy, taking the amount of excess Vitamin A during pregnancy can cause harm to a child lying in the stomach.

How much vitamin A should be taken

Vitamins are very important for healthy body. The use of vitamin A increases our eyesight and strengthens the eyes muscles too. It produces pigments in the retina of the eye. Vitamin A is an antioxidant. Antioxidants work to protect body cells from harmful effects of free radicals. Vitamin A is also beneficial in cardiovascular diseases, asthma, diabetes and many other diseases.

Vitamin A immunology is very good in strengthening the mechanism, so that our cells remain active. Therefore, we should eat a daily diet containing Vitamin A. By consuming a diet containing vitamin A, our body and skin remain healthy and young.

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Vitamin B6 Benefits

Vitamin B6 is also included in the vitamin B group. Vitamin B6 in the medical world is also known as Pyridoxine. Vitamin B6 plays an important role in physical and mental functions. This vitamin works to improve your metabolism, nerve function, liver, skin and eyes, and other body parts, and increase the level of physical energy.

Benefits of Vitamin B6

Keep blood vessels healthy

In order to control the level of compounds called homocysteine in the blood, vitamin B6 is required. Homocysteine is a type of amino acid, which is obtained from meat. Having high amount of homocysteine causes swelling and heart disease. There are also diseases of blood vessels, which are responsible for heart attacks.

By taking Vitamin B 6 low homocysteine is formed in the body and it destroys the layers of blood vessels. Studies have shown that taking vitamin B6 with folate makes homocysteine levels less easily. In addition, it also works to recover blood vessels again. Vitamin B6 keeps blood pressure and cholesterol levels correct.

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Help in the defense of anemia

To become hemoglobin in the blood, vitamin B6 is required. Hemoglobin provides oxygen and iron to other body cells through red blood cells. When red blood cells are not sufficiently due to anemia, symptoms like fatigue, pain, and pain are felt. Studies have shown that taking vitamin B6 in adequate form can reduce the risk of anemia.

Vitamin B6 deficiency symptoms

Vitamin B6 deficiency can be seen in many different types of body. Its most common symptom is fatigue and lethargy. Apart from this, lack of appetite, sudden dryness of the skin, hair fall start, lip cracking, lack of sleep or insomnia, swelling in the mouth, swelling and pain in the tongue, etc. can also be symptoms of vitamin B6 deficiency Are. Due to the lack of this vitamin due to difficulty in walking, symptoms such as anemia, irritability, confusion and physical weakness are also seen.

Sources of Vitamin B6

Most vitamins and nutrients meet us through diet. The best source of vitamin B6 is whole grains like wheat, millet, barley, corn, peas, green beans, walnuts etc. In non-vegetarians, the lack of this vitamin is seen low because fish, eggs, chicken, mutton etc. are a good source of vitamin B6. Vegetarians can also find these vitamins easily with bananas, soy beans, carrots and green vegetables, besides cereals and dry fruits.

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B complex is also required

Vitamins and micronutrients are very important in running the body smoothly, but vitamin B complex is an element that helps in working properly with the brain and nervous system. Vitamin B increases complex metabolism. It works to transform nutrition into energy. Gene found in our cells helps in the formation and repair of DNA. It is also helpful in the formation of brain, spinal cord and some elements of nerves. It also happens to build our red blood efforts. It also works to make different types of proteins for all parts of the body.

Sources of B.Complex

There is a lot of vitamin B complex in non-vegetarian foods, but vegetarians should pay particular attention to their food. Some of the main sources of vitamin B complex are We should consume plenty of dairy products like milk, curd, cheese, cheese, butter, soy milk etc. Apart from this, Vitamin B is also partly found in vegetables grown in the ground like potatoes, carrots, radish, turnips, beetroot etc.

Health News
Natural Health
Health Fitness
Beauty Tips
Vastu Shastra

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

These symptoms appear when there is a shortage of vitamin D in the body

Vitamin D is very important for our overall health.

Feeling weak in muscles may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency

Vitamin D is very important for our overall health. It works to control the level of calcium in the body, which is essential for the functioning of the nervous system and the strengthening of the bones. It enhances the body's immune system. The symptoms of vitamin D do not appear immediately, due to which people do not know the diseases due to Vitamin D deficiency. Therefore it is important to take regular checkup of vitamin D and food containing vitamin D. Today, we are telling you how the symptoms are seen when there is a shortage of vitamin D in the body.
Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D


pain in bones.

Feeling weak in the muscles

Fatigue and weakness

More sleepy

Always feel depression

More sweating than the head than the body.

Frequent infection

Danger of these diseases

Skin color darkens

The dark color of the skin is due to a pigment called mellinin. Due to the high incidence of millenium, vitamin D is not properly formed in the skin when it is sunny. Some researches believe that in the growing age, those with dark skin may face the problem of vitamin D deficiency.

Vitamin D:Diabetes

You know this because obesity is the major cause of diabetes, but do you also know that vitamin D deficiency along with obesity is also one of the main factors responsible for this disease. In this article, detailed how they are responsible for both diabetes. According to a research published in the Diabetes Care Journal, if the problem of obesity and vitamin D is common, then the risk of becoming unbalanced in the body increases the risk of insulin.

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Vitamin D:Anemia risk

If the level of vitamin D in the blood is less than 30 nanograms per milliliter, then the child's anemia is expected to be pathetic. Doctors say that children having less than 30 nanograms per milliliter of water were more than twice the risk of normal Vitamin D levels. The amount of Vitamin D in the blood of children who were at risk of anemia was found to be 20 nanograms per milliliter. Before this, many studies have found a connection between vitamin D and anemia. It also came to know that vitamin D deficiency also influences the production of red blood cells.

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Vitamin D:Can eat these diets
Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D
Fish is containing Vitamin D

Fishes like hilsa, small sea fish or mackerel, salmon and tuna are present in large quantities of oil, which is considered to be the best source of vitamin D By eating half a slice hilsa fish, Vitamin D is essential in adults. Apart from this, eating hundred grams of canned salmon is available to the body of about 90 percent of the essential vitamin D. Mackerel fish is also an important source of vitamin D. This cold living water can be eaten by buying canned or raw. In these fishes, vitamin D as well as adequate minerals like calcium, protein and phosphorus are found in abundance.

Milk is considered another great source of vitamin D. As much as vitamin D is needed for us throughout the day, 20 percent of it is filled with milk. While unprofounded dairy products usually contain vitamin D in small quantities.

Eggs are considered healthy food and there is a good source of vitamin D, which is rich in vitamin D. Although Vitamin D is found in more egg yolk. But still we should eat it whole. Eating white part of the egg does not have enough supply of Vitamin D.

Like milk, orange juice is also considered vitamin D source. Many health experts believe that vitamin D can improve health quickly. For this, you should make orange juice a part of your diet.

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D
Vitamin D:Cheese

However, Vitamin D is abundant in all types of cheese, but Vitamin D is less in comparison to other food items. Ricotta cheese contains enough vitamin K as compared to other paneer. Therefore, it can be included in your diet.
 Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D
Vitamin D:Mushroom

Mushrooms are considered a good source of vitamin D. Mushrooms grow only by getting the Sun's ultraviolet rays, which is considered to be the best source of vitamin D. In many species of mushroom, the amount of vitamin D is found separately. But vitamin D in the Button Mushroom is found in abundance amounts. By regular eating four large mushrooms, it provides about three percent of the essential vitamin D and provides 140 calories. Apart from eating mushrooms, health also has many benefits.

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Vitamin B12

If there is a shortage of vitamin B12, then you are calling death

Do you ask to slow down the fan even in such weather, when the rest are feeling warm, because your body does not like to feel cold? Or you have chaos in the legs and burning or cold, pain in the joints, trouble in remembering anything, speed of heart beat and climbing of breath, skin falling yellow, pain in mouth and tongue, loss of appetite, Feeling weak, obscenity, weight loss, frequent diarrhea or constipation, difficulty walking, unnecessary fatigue, are becoming victims of depression? Take care. These symptoms are going on in the body of your body due to lack of vitamin B12, which will mean not to be understood on time, it will mean life threatening life and invoking new diseases.


Vitamin B12 foods is necessary

B12, which transforms fat into energy form, plays a key role in controlling body temperature. Vitamin B12 only makes red blood cells in the body. It is also helpful in working properly of the brain and nervous system, creating and repairing genes found in cells, and the formation of certain elements of brain, spinal cord and nerves. It does not work to make different types of proteins for all parts of the body, but also works to give proteins to nerves of every part of the body. Vitamin B12 is a central element in preventing the development of birth defects, so the woman who is planning to conceive is supposed to check its deficiency.

For a healthy life Vitamin B12 foods

Although B12 is the last vitamin but it is the biggest and most important key to a healthy life, due to which there is no accurate information, we do not pay attention to it nor do the measures to keep it balanced.

It is also surprising that in most of our bodies, this compound of cobalt, which was consumed in the diet, is absorbed by microorganisms with the help of a biochemical molecule released by the cells of the intestinal wall at the end of the small intestine. . If there is a lack of this biochemical molecule in the body, then how much B12 we take in the food, the body is unable to take it. Similarly, in the absence of cobalt metal / mineral or in the absence of specific microorganisms it is not possible to produce it in the body of the organisms.


How much vitamin B vitamins should

The body requires 2.4 microgram Vitamin B12 daily and our body is molded into the mechanism of collecting its volume and using it according to need. Without a new supply, our body can keep B12 safe for 30 years as opposed to other vitamins, it is stored in our muscles and other parts of the body, especially in the liver.

Due to the lack of Vitamin B12

Know that most of the B12 deficiency is actually the case of lack of absorption, because the ability of B-12 absorption of forty cross people gradually decreases. Many medicines also impede the absorption of B12 temporarily or forever when used for long periods of time. Apart from this, the body decreases its reserve volume regularly due to excessive B12 intake. A lack of B-12 is found for many reasons, including lifestyle habits and biochemical problems. According to a recent research, nearly 60-70 percent of India's population and nearly 80 percent of urban middle class are suffering from vitamin B12 deficiency.

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Vitamin b12 foods:Non-vegetarians are not the only choice.

It is not that only meat recipients are conscious of the lack of this vitamin. In those parts of the body, which is found in excessive amounts, most of the non-vegetarians also consider to be inedible, therefore, vegetarians also use yeast, sprouted pulses, algae, milk products such as curd, cheese, cheese, butter, whey, With the help of soya milk etc and vegetables growing inside the ground such as potatoes, carrots, radish, turnips, sugar beet, etc., can get adequate amounts of B12, Took Machete and spirulina is so good. Especially if you are near forty or have reached beyond. Yes, the good thing is that the amount of its drug depends on the severity of the merge and there is no side effect. This medicine works to activate the lactobacillus bacteria present in the intestines.

Vitamin b12 foods:There are also some side effects

Where the Benefits of Vitamin B12 are the benefits, and it is involved in almost every activity, from the creation of life to running it smoothly, but recent research has also highlighted a negative side of it that it is responsible for filling face with acne Plays an important role in stimulating bacteria, and this problem may also come with those who take vitamin B12 tablets. Scientists are now focusing on finding effective treatment of acne on this basis.

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Body's natural light

Recently, MIT scientists put forth a new form of vitamin B12 that it plays an important role in the form of genital regulation as well as the body's natural light switch. In the study of proteins of the bacterial thermos thermophilus, it became clear that these photoreceptor proteins, which make our bodies aware and aware of the mechanism of the body, their food-water is Vitamin B12 only. Not only this, light sensing proteins control jeans, which are not possible without B12

Researchers say that nature not only gave vitamin supplements to the body in its entirety but also backed up the whole enzyme unit. In this way, the role of B12 in the wake of our sunrise and changing the sleeping habit after sunset, this role of B12 can open the doors of new discoveries in the coming time.

The special thing has also been revealed that in the dark, the microbes' photo receptors are stuck with DNA and keep the activities of the thermos thermophilus jeans, but as soon as the light falls, the photo receptors are dispersed from the tissues, and the bacteria Begins making such enzymes, in which the cell system can be protected from the effects of DNA breakdown due to sunlight. Genetic engineering that controls light by controlling DNA transcription from this search can also be done, the way to control the relationship between proteins can open, for which thanks to B12, the lesser the thanks. So, how special is the B12, you will know.
Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

Vitamin B12 can be eaten to meat the shortage

Vitamin B12 sources for carnivores

Vitamin B12 has 98.9μg (1648% DV) in 100 grams of shellfish. There is 83.1μg (1386% DV) of vitamin B12 in 100 grams of lever (beef). At 2.4μg (40% DV) in 100 grams of tofu fish. There is 6.0μg (100% DV) in 100 grams of red meat (beef). 100 g of egg or chicken contains 2.0μg (33% DV).

Vitamin b12 foods। Vitamin b12 foods list। Vitamin d foods। Vitamin D

Vitamin b12 foods:Milk for vegetarians, curd

In 100 gram fat-free yogurt (10% DV) vitamin B12 and 15% daily value (DV, daily required quantity) is per cup. is. curd also contains B-complex vitamins like Vitamin B2 and B1 and B12. Milk may be a good option for vegetarians at 100 grams of low fat milk containing 0.46μg (8% DV) and 19% daily value (DV, daily required quantity) per cup. Apart from this, vitamin B12 is also found in abundance in soya product soya bean, soya milk etc.

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There is also a good cheese for Vitamin B12.

The amount of vitamin B12 in cheese depends on its type and variety. Swiss cheese provides the highest vitamin B12. 100 grams (56% DV) Swiss cheese contains 3.34μg. Vitamin B12 is also quite good in cottage cheese.

Benefits of Vitamin B12 in diabetes

Diabetes neuropathy is common in long-standing diabetics, it affects nerves and can damage the whole body. People with vitamin B12 deficiency suffer from diabetes neuropathy. Vitamin B12 deficiency reduces the reed bone. Can and can damage the nerves

Apart from this, due to the lack of vitamin B12, the myelin is gradually destroyed, which works to prepare the outer covering around the reed bone and the brain's nerves.

Vitamin B12 helps in reducing symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy, which causes sunburn pain, tingling and tickling symptoms.

Pressures used in some diabetes treatments, such as metformin, can reduce the absorption of vitamin B12, so taking vitamin 12 or dietary supplements can help a lot of diabetics

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Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects

Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects

What is Aloe vera and search and its benefits and disadvantages?
Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Aloe Vera Tree

Aloe vera is a natural product which is famous as a medicinal plant. It is a member of the esophodlaceous total. It is about 5000 years old Ramaban medicine. Given its specific medicinal properties, it is also known as Sanjivivani Plant. More than 300 species of it are found. It is like a thorny plant that grows fast in the hot dry season. It is originally a plant of Africa that was brought to India in the 17th century. It is mainly related to Canary and Madaria Islands with Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia. However now it is grown all over the world. Most of India is found in Rajasthan, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra and Tamil Nadu. Aloe vera was first planted in the year 1920 for the distribution of pharmaceuticals.

The composition of different species of aloe vera is different. Barbadensis Miller is one of the most influential species of some species. This plant is one of the rich sources of human health. Different parts of this plant have different effects on the human body.

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 Aloe vera benefits : Aloe vera use and medicinal value

It is also used in antiseptic, bactericidal, purifying blood and in ulcer. It destroys many types of bacteria such as Salmonella, which makes pus somewhere in the body. This is the best bacteria killer. It can also be applied directly to the affected organs. It is used in many products like fresh gels, juices, dietary supplements, medicines and beauty toiletries etc.

A wide range of aloe vera is available in the skin, cleanser, soap, shampoo etc. in the form of moisturizing the skin. Currently it is mostly used in cosmetic. Cellulose and carbohydrate found in it remove bacterial and oily deposits by going to the depth of the skin, which causes the pores of the skin to open and new cells are formed and the dead cells are dispersed.


Many beneficial effects of this plant are contained in polysaccharide present in the pulp. Clear transparent pulp, which is known as gel, is used in medical, beauty toiletries and health science. Aloe vera pulp is beneficial for stomach ulcers. It helps in fixing the digestive tract. Aloe vera gel is very helpful in filling wounds. It has immunity to flammability. The enzymes, carboxypeptidase and bradykinesia present in the aloe vera provide relief in pain and reduce inflammation and inflammation. It helps in the functioning of the pancreatic, regulates the formation of insulin in the pancreas. Therefore, it is also useful for diabetic patients.

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Aloe vera mixed with milk is used in the treatment of kidney infections. The element present in aloe vera cleans up the saponin diet canal and increases appetite. This helps in toxic substances to get out of the body, so that nutrients can be absorbed in the blood in excess and blood is purified.

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Aloe vera is also useful in the pain of joints, muscles and arthritis due to painkillers. It reduces the level of cholesterol, triglyceride, phospholipid, and nonesterified fatty acids. This secretion of pepsin strengthens the digestive tract and also provides relief in abdominal pain. It is also highly beneficial in leukemia. It also reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation. It is also very popular in blood circulation and thus it helps to increase the availability of oxygen in the cells. It is helpful in reducing the pain of thalassemia patients. It is also important for asthma patients. It helps to keep joints and muscles healthy, which results in arthritis protection. It enhances cardiovascular work by reducing the amount of triglyceride and cholesterol from the blood, from which the pure blood from the heart swiftly rotates in the whole body.
Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Aloe Vera Benefits
Importance of Aloe vera nutrition
This aloe vera, used as a medicine, is full of many nutritious elements. These include 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 20 minerals, 75 nutrients and 200 active enzymes. Apart from this, many chemical properties are found in abundance of mineral calcium, zinc, copper, potassium, iron, sodium, magnesium, chromium and manganese, and in it the properties of vitamins are also found in abundance. Vitamin E, Vitamin C, Vitamin B12, B6, B2, B1, Vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, Niacin and Folic Acid. With its treatment, we get many positive results.

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Benefits of Aloe vera for physical treatment

Adaptogen: Adoptogen improves the immunity of the human body and rapidly improves the effects of changes in the environment. Changing the life of today's runny life, the effect of eating and drinking is directly on our health. Polysaccharides, found in Aloe Vera, fight against viruses and keep the body safe from many diseases. Aloe vera juice boosts your body's ability to fight stress. Apart from this, it is helpful to save you from the disease. Also provides mental peace.

Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Digestion Problem 

Aloe vera benefits

Helpful in digestion: You have always heard of gas in the stomach and the problems of not digesting food. If there is any stomach related disease in our body, then mix honey and lemon with 20 grams of aloe vera juice and take it. It removes the stomach's disease. At the same time digestion is also good.
Antiseptic: There is no doubt that Aloe vera is the best antibiotic and antiseptic property in the world. Which enhances our body's immune system. Apart from this, our body needs about 21 amino acids. Which caters to 18 amino acid in aloe vera. Elovera, rich in these properties, contains an element called cepunin. Which keeps the body clean from inside and keeps the properties of germs Apart from this, it also brings relief from dangerous diseases. It also proves to be special in ailments like AIDS.

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Fighting diabetes: If you are having problems with diabetes, then add 10 grams of ginger juice to 10 grams of aloe vera juice and take it for a few days to get rid of diabetes. In addition, add 20 grams of gooseberry juice to 10 grams of aloe vera and mix it daily in the morning. Sugar disease begins to cure.

Aloe vera benefits- Relief from the problem of constipation: These problems often get us listening. These problems can happen to people of any age. To remove this disease, it is very beneficial to consume aloe vera juice. Add juices and asafetida to the constipation in small children, and apply it around the navel, it will benefit. Apart from this, the intake of its anus in inflammation in the liver increases in the morning and evening and increases liver function. This also removes jaundice.
Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Protect Immunity Aloe Vera

Aloe vera benefits- Immunity: Aloe vera plant juice has the ability to fight diseases. Because there are disease resistant elements in it. Which increase our body's immune system. By which the body keeps on working hard.

Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Protect Heart disease Aloe Vera
Aloe vera benefits

Heart disease and obesity: The most complex problems of today are the increasing obesity in our body. Which is the main cause of heart disease. Obesity increases cholesterol rapidly in the body and blood vessels form fat in the blood vessels. In this situation, aloe vera juice is highly beneficial. Drinking aloe vera juice daily in 20 ml-30 ml, there is a feeling of freshness and freshness in the body and high level of energy remains. It also keeps body weight compatible.

Rheumatoid arthritis: This disease is quite painful. In this there comes pain, acidity or swelling of the patient's hands, legs joints. Together, the knots are formed in the joints and there is a pain like stinging, so this disease is also called gout disease. Whose correct treatment has been found in Aloe vera. First make two fractions and heat it lightly in it and apply a consistent bandage on the affected area so that you can do it continuously for 10 to 15 days. There will be considerable relief in arthritis, pain in joints, sprain or swelling. The use of aloe vera juice in the joint of the joint is immobilized in the morning and evening, and imposing on the affected pairs has special advantage

Good benefits of aloe vera: This aloe vera containing prickly leaves is extracting juice before it is cut and cut. By taking empty stomach 2-4 tablespoons of this juice in the morning, strength and blissfulness in the body is formed. Due to its antioxidant bacteria and anti-fungal properties it fills the wound early. The hair thick black is long and strong. Eating of Aloe vera juice daily makes the skin beautiful from within and the effects of skin on the aging age are also less.

Anti Aging Prison: Aloe vera also works as a prison. This does not allow harm to the soft elements of our body. Using its gel in the face, Elovera destroys the visible elements. Aloe vera cleans the inside of our body and fills them with new strength and energy. Aloe vera gels can be used by people of all ages. It goes away in the body and removes all kinds of harms. Makes the body young

Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Protect Skin Aloe Vera 
Improves stretch marks: Some signs of stretch falling in the face begin to look old in the face. Wrinkles in the skin begin to fall. By eating aloe vera juice, the face starts to glisten. The wrinkle also starts to disappear. Stretch Marks Elovers are extremely beneficial in removing various skin related diseases. There is a skin tone when massage with aloe vera is massage. The ingredients found in this are effective in removing the stretch marks. The enzyme present in it removes damaged skin and hydrate the skin.

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Beneficial in the sun: The sun's rays show much effect on our face skin. Because our skin is very soft and sensitive. Aloe vera has the powerful doctor's ability to fight the rays of the sun. Its herbal works as a layer in our face, as well as its anti-oxidant properties help to compensate for the lack of moisture. So whenever you go out of the house in the sun, then put the juice of the aloe vera thoroughly on your face. Mosquitoes for skin are used in Extrovert Moisturizing products of Aloe Vera. It is considered ideal for all types of skin.

Aloe vera benefits । Aloe vera juice।Aloe vera plant। Aloe vera for hair। Aloe vera juice side effects
Protect Hair Aloe Vera
Aloe vera benefits

Beneficial aloe vera for hair: Nowadays all the people are worried about the problems of hair. Hair loss, hair loss, hair loss, and how many problems are there, but all these problems are removed from the effects of Aloe vera. You have to spend only half an hour in the Aloe vera jail. After that you can wash it. Do this just twice a month. You will begin to see results in a few months.

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Get rid of dandruff: Take out the pulp or gel and mix it with henna and apply it on the hair roots. With the end of Russians, the hair will be black, dense and strong.

Works as a natural conditioner : Applying aloe vera gel to hair roots causes hair to shine and it acts as a natural conditioner.

Aloe Vera's side effects

It is considered safe to use aloe vera gel, but consuming unprotected juice from latex can cause many side effects.

  • Aloe vera juice contains a substance called anthraquinone, which is laxative and can produce large amount of diarrhea.
  • Latex colitis in the aloe vera can cause problems like Crohn's disease, appendicitis, diverticulitis, intestinal obstruction, bleeding, abdominal pain and ulcer.
  • Drinking aloe vera juice can be an allergic reaction such as skin rash or urticaria, itching or swollen skin, difficulty in breathing, chest pain and throat irritation.
  • Pregnant and lactating women are forbidden to take aloe vera juice. It can stimulate uterine contractions in pregnant women, which can cause miscarriage and birth defects.
  • Aloe vera juice can cause excessive adrenaline in the body, which can be detrimental to those suffering from heart conditions.
  • Additional consumption may be the cause of pseudomonalysis coli for long periods of time. It increases the risk of colorectal cancer.
  • Taking excess amounts of aloe vera juice can lead to blood formation in the pelvis, causing damage to your kidney.

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